Women’s Diet Suggestions for Menopause Symptoms and Information on Calcium Absorption and Osteoporosis

Calcium and Osteoporosis – Diet Suggestions During Menopause

Diet Suggestions to Help With Signs of Menopause

Calcium is a very important mineral that should be a part of your diet. You can get calcium from various
vegetables, fish, and also dairy products if they are agreeable for your particular body type.

Some known
sources of calcium are foods such as sardines and salmon, milk products like cheeses and yogurts (preferably
organic), vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, turnip greens, beans, and soy products
(steer clear of GMO Soy).

Prevention involves supporting your body in retaining healthy bone mass prior to menopause, and also maintaining
low rate bone loss after the menopausal years. This where Calcium supplentation really helps.

You can help prevent osteoporosis by keeping a healthy amount of bone mass
and Calcium supplementation and calcium rich foods can help you do this. You will also want to supplement
with magnesium because the two work together synergistically.

Calcium and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis disease involves a loss of bone tissue that the body is unable to replace as we age. This makes
our bones become fragile, thin, and more likely to fracture more easily.

Hormonal changes have been linked to osteoporosis when there is a Reduction in the production of the
hormone estrogen that occurs during menopause. And this is one of the main causes of continual bone loss.

Calcium supplementation recommendations for women:

  • After menopause: Between 1000 to 1500 milligrams depending on type of hormone therapy.
  • After age 65: All women should supplment with 1500 mg,

Since the body absoption of calcium is only around 500 milligrams
at a time you should supplement throughout the day through diet and a good calcium
formulation that is easily absorbed
. It is also best to take your
supplements with a meal.

All women should consult with their doctor, or naturopathic physician who specials in nutrition. This will
support you in finding the best
osteoporosis plan for prevention when signs of menopause approach.

The Complete Menopause Program

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