Learn About Cups and Natural Women’s Menstruation Products

Toxic Free Products For Women’s Monthly Cycle

Have you heard about silicone menstruation cups and other toxic-free menstruation products?

It is crucial that we, as women, know what we are placing in our bodies or using in close contact with our
most sensitive regions.

Every month, millions of women take the chance of experiencing Toxic Shock Syndrome by using tampons and some
experience cramps that may be lessened by choosing another, more natural type of feminine product.

Any woman that lives a natural lifestyle wants to experience natural menstruation. There is something so unnatural
feeling about uncomfortable tampons that may increase cramping and, when soiled, they simply add to the pile
of wastes already overflowing our landfills. A natural woman doesn’t want to have to worry when leaving home
if she has enough tampons or other feminine product with her for her needs until she returns. And, above
all else, she certainly doesn’t want to introduce potentially toxic products into her body. The whole process
tends to make a natural body function become a dreaded experience.

Today, a woman’s choice of menstruation products is so much better than in the past. No longer are tampons
or bulky pads the only solution. Menstruation cups made of gum, a rubber-like substance, or of 100% medical
grade silicone are one of the most popular alternate product choices for feminine hygiene during a woman’s
monthly period. These cups are placed in the vagina and removed, washed and reused easily and safely. Most
products have models available for women that have not given birth and for those that those that have children,
resulting in a secure, leak-free fit. They are removed easily by pulling the attached stem. Both insertion
and removal are painless and once accustomed to the use, few women ever return to the ‘traditional’ feminine
hygiene solutions. The cups are not flushable but can be reused for many cycles if cared for properly and
not punctured.

These silicone or rubber cups were invented in the 1930s but in those days it wasn’t considered acceptable
for a woman to touch herself. Today, this taboo is long gone and few women are bothered by the idea of inserting
a small device to allow natural menstruation. Of course, we won’t see much advertising for these alternative
products because the tampon and pad companies want us to purchase more products each month without concern
whether the ecology of our planet is harmed or whether the women’s health is impacted.

The Mooncup is one toxic free menstruation product. Diva Cup and
Keeper are other names to look for, however, the Keeper product is made from gum rubber and may not be as
long-lasting as the others which are silicone menstruation cups.

While these natural menstruation products serve most women well, there are also non-chlorine bleached organic
cotton pads and tampons available. Reusable, washable cloth pads are also available but many women do not
like them nearly as well as the clean process of using the cups. Sea sponges are another natural alternative
and can last for months. Of natural menstrual products, the cups are by far the most popular by the majority
of women.