Interview with Patricia Moreno, One of the Top 10 Women Who Shape the World

Twice now, Patricia Moreno was featured in Allure magazine as “Best Fitness Instructor.”

Also in 2006 Shape magazine rated Moreno as one of the “Top 10 Women Who Shape the World.”

We would like to share what Patricia Moreno has to say about her motivation for creating her latest workout DVD IntenSati: Intention and Power – A High Energy Workout for Body Mind and Soul.

Interview with Patricia Moreno

Carol Bardelli: Hi Patricia, thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. My readers are always looking for sound fitness advice. Your approach is cutting edge. Do you see this marriage of life coaching and fitness coaching as the new frontier of fitness?

Patricia Moreno PicturePatricia Moreno: Absolutely! It is actually a perfect match as I would even love see motivation or life coaching classes offered to more trainers and instructors. Getting yourself to do the workout is only half of the challenge. The other challenge is getting yourself motivated to do a little more or better each time so you can increase strength, endurance, flexibility etc. So many people workout in hopes to feel better about themselves but the workout is just part of it.

Intention and Gratitude

Carol: You once stated, “IntenSati is the practice of deliberate thinking. We put into action powerful thoughts and beliefs that support the intentions we hold to change and transform our life.”
I’m also a firm believer that the mind and our thoughts are as important to our success as are the nutrition and fitness practices we choose. What approaches do you use to motivate your clients to focus mentally on their goals?

Meditating with Intention and GratitudePatricia: I start every class by asking everyone to take a moment to be still and focus on the intention they have for themselves. Then I ask them to take a moment of gratitude for the strength they already have. That moves them into a more powerful state of mind then just jumping into the workout because they stop and value what they are about to do.

After that I take them through a series of exercises that have corresponding affirmations that are all high vibrational words and statements to increase their strength. But more than that when they train themselves to deliberately how powerful positive statements no matter how challenging the workout gets then they will be able to use that strength outside of the gym too.

We repeat the affirmations out loud. When you have a room of twenty, thirty, one-hundred people chanting powerful statements it is infectious and beautiful!

Life Changing Moving Meditation

Picture Patricia MorenoCarol: Your workout DVD IntenSati: Intention and Power – A High Energy Workout for Body Mind and Soul has been described as “movement meditation” and “life changing.”? What inspired you to create your unique approach to unlock potential in others?

Patricia: There were a few reasons. First of all I began teaching a body sculpt class when normally I would teach dance or kickboxing and it was like teaching a room of zombies. No matter how I tried to get them motivated to give their best I failed to inspire them.

So I began researching motivation techniques and began studying life coaching with Anthony Robbins. I was also teaching yoga, studying the power of meditation and metaphysics. I began to realize the importance of our thoughts and felt compelled to share this information with my students. I came up with IntenSati as a way to educate, motivate and train people all at once.

It is life changing because when you get how powerful your thoughts are and you change them, even a slight change over time yields great benefits. The repetition of a single statement move you into a state of focused awareness or a moving meditation. It’s a very powerful practice.

Reebok Fitness Family

Carol: Has Reebok enabled you to further enhance the marriage of life coaching and fitness coaching? And if so, how?

Insanti Dvd CoverPatricia: I was approached by Reebok when I was leading an IntenSati class at an international fitness convention in NYC. Reebok is a great platform for me because they stand for the same things I stand for, empowering women to live their best life inside and out! I am happy to be a part of the Reebok family.

Carol: Have you been able to meet any of the other Reebok Instructors? Are you planning any collaborative work with them in the future?

Patricia: Yes, I have met almost all of them! Everyone is really the best in their field and it is quite exciting to have all of us working together from all parts of the world. When we get together it is quite an inspiring experience.