How women can solve facial hair issues and what causes those problems

The causes of female chin hair:

As a female’s body ages and gets affected by changes brought on not only by age, but also by pregnancy and sometimes even illness, there are a few transformations that happen over time; some of which are very noticeable.  These changes can be cleverly hidden most of the times, but unfortunately, facial hair growth is one of those annoying changes that are not so easily disguised, because of its very public location.  Developing female chin hair is understandably very embarrassing. It probably has an innocent explanation and you need not become overly distressed, but it could also be a sign of something more sinister signaling an underlying illness.  You should have your doctor check it out, even if it is just for your own peace of mind.  You should also always pay attention to any changes to your body and have it investigated to stay on the side of caution. A lot is known about the causes of excess body hair-hirsutism, but let’s discuss specific causes of female chin hair:

-Weight and Medication

The most common female chin hair causes are as a result of being overweight.  Using some medicines can also stimulate hair growth on the face. Such medicines as the ones used for high blood pressure, are to blame for facial hair growth issues.  How to stop hair growth permanently can be as easy as making changes to your diet by living a healthy lifestyle and asking your doctor if there are any alternative medications that can be used. Often losing weight also takes care of high blood pressure problems and your doctor may be happy to take you off the prescribed medication in due time.

-Hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance

There are a number of hormonal imbalances that can affect a female and cause facial hair growth.  Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is a condition that you can be born with through no fault of your own and affects the adrenal glands as the name would suggest.

Cushing’s syndrome is another hormonal disorder, though rarer. According to the National Adrenal Diseases Foundation, it is caused by overexposure to a hormone called cortisol and can be stress related.

A more common hormonal imbalance cause is found in women diagnosed with PCOS. This is marked by elevated male hormones affecting normal hormone levels and a classic symptom as a result is hair growth on face due to hormonal imbalance

The biggest hormonal imbalance cause though is brought on by pre-menopause and menopause. If you are reading this, you have probably been wondering about it or have already been offered hormone replacement therapy by your health care provider.


How to stop facial hair growth in females

Natural hormone replacement therapy is a trusted way to stop facial hair growth in females naturally.  Hormone replacement therapy may sound scary at first, but once you know all the facts it is not so daunting anymore.  What hormone causes facial hair in women? An imbalance of oestrogen and progesterone is the culprit. It is usually marked by a drop in progesterone first. Hormone replacement therapy works on the basis of providing the hormones which are missing and is usually given in a combined form of oestrogen and progesterone, tweaked to suit your personal needs. It acts in the body just like the hormone we no longer produce and that is why it is called a natural hormone replacement therapy or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  As a result, it is easier on the body with far less possible side effects.

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers has a holistic approach where they will work together to restore your female hormones to the optimal youthful levels instead of just suppressing symptoms.  Once optimum hormone levels have been reached, the following will happen: not only will side effects such as hair growth on face be reversed, but it will also enhance your physical and mental well-being to levels you have last experienced in your twenties! An experienced hormone replacement therapy practitioner will do a comprehensive hormone profile with you and establish a personalized baseline hormone profile. A natural hormone replacement therapy is then administered under their watchful eye to help support your body’s natural metabolic pathways.

Hormone replacement therapy benefits

Making use of natural hormone replacement therapy is the best way to stop facial hair growth permanently.  Surprisingly, as an added bonus there is another benefit or two to be had! Not only will your chin hair soon be a distant memory, you will also experience elimination of any hot flashes and have improved sleep patterns.  Weight loss will be aided and made easier by accelerated fat burning and yes, you are reading this correctly: your sex drive and libido will be dramatically enhanced. Natural hormone replacement therapy also protects your body from illnesses such as osteoporosis, fibrocystic breasts and reduces the risks of heart disease.

Now you can finally shield yourself from diseases associated with hormone imbalances as well as get rid of those pesky female chin hair by utilizing the customized treatment from your hormone replacement specialist with peace of mind.