How to Find the Right Resistance Band for You

If you are looking to take your workout up a notch, chances are you are searching the market for a suitable resistance band. Various types of bands can be used, and choosing the right one can take some time. To help you make that choice, we will try to help you understand which brand is best suited to your regime and enhance your workouts. 

Types of Resistance Bands

As mentioned earlier, various types of resistance bands can be purchased. Once you understand their purpose, you will be a lot closer to making your decision. 

1. Therapy band

As the name indicates, a therapy band is commonly used in rehabilitation. These bands are flat and elastic loops, which are easy to work with and perfect to include in simple beginner exercises. 

2. Tube Bands with Handles

Tube bands are made of cylindrical rubber and are up to four feet long. At the end of each side is a plastic handle to help you grip the band. These resistance bands with handles can help with lower and upper body workouts. 

3. Figure-Eight bands

These bands are similar to loop bands but are available in figure-eight shapes. A handle in each loop helps you get a proper grasp on the band, making it very effective in upper-body workouts. 

4. Large Loop Bands

Large loop bands resemble large rubber bands with a flat surface instead of a cylindrical one. These bands can be looped around poles or bars to help you with various exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, chest presses, etc. 

5. Mini Bands

These bands are small loop bands with a flat surface and can be merged into your workout in creative ways. Hooking them around your ankles or knees can help in applying additional pressure to focus on your lower body. 

Finding the right resistance band

No one resistance band can be used for all exercises. Read on to understand how you need to figure out the proper purchase. 

  • Buy bands that are easy to use, with a clean and simple design. You will find multiple brands offering various workout bands with features such as interchangeable handles, different materials, and adjustable sizes. The best choice for you is the most straightforward option that suits your needs if you are a beginner.
  • While most resistance bands can be used on their own, some may need the help of additional accessories. If you plan to use a door or banister for support, you need attachments that can wrap around the support tightly. 
  • Buying a combination of resistance bands is a good idea. As you begin to incorporate the band into your workout, you will notice that each band is used differently and cannot be interchanged with another. Purchasing the Kayezen Vector single vector mobile system is one way to access the benefits of all the different bands. 


The right resistance band depends upon the exercise itself. The different bands can help you amp up your workout, so having access to different bands is advantageous. Once you have them all, you can perform any exercise with the added resistance the band provides.