Address 34 Symptoms of Menopause with Holistic Treatments

Symptoms_of_menopause_(raster)Perimenopause signs and as many as 34 menopause symptoms appear as a woman approaches the end of her natural child-bearing years. Some women may experience few or no signals; others may experience many of the signs. Knowing the natural body changes can relieve worries and allow changes to occur as the years advance without fear.

Awareness of the 34 symptoms can alert a woman when it is time to begin using alternative menstruation products that relieve signs of menopause. A woman could think she has a serious medical condition or mental disorder if she is not knowledgeable about signals of hormonal changes associated with change of life. Some early menopause symptoms are increased allergies, brief memory lapses, menstrual irregularity, increased anxiety and irritability, and mood swings that might include unexpected crying episodes.

As the signs of menopause increase, feelings of fatigue, sleep problems, lack of concentration, muscle tension, and stomach discomfort may appear. Aching muscles and joints, breast tenderness, changes in the frequency, duration or apparent causes of headaches, feelings of depression, a sense of dread or apprehension, and episodes itchy or crawling sensations on the skin may occur as further hormone changes happen.

As the time of menopause approaches, hot or cold flashes and night sweats appear; some women experience these only occasion but for others they may be severe and very uncomfortable. Libido or sex drive may decrease significantly and vaginal dryness may compound this issue. Existing medical conditions may become worse and feeling increased thirst at night is not unusual. A sensation, often compared to a mild electric shock may occur at seemly random times, often in the head but sometimes in other body parts. A burning feeling, bleeding gums, or a bad taste in the mouth happens to some women. Arms and legs may tingle and unaccountable weight gain can occur. Body odor may change as hormone levels change. Probably the most frightening of the 34 menopause symptoms can be increased heart beat. Various hormones and glandular changes are the culprit but the sudden increase in heart rate can cause panic attacks. Stiff or swollen joints, often confused with arthritis may also be due to these hormonal changes.

As menopause progresses, even if no symptoms have appeared previously, incontinence when sneezing or coughing may occur, scalp and body hair may thin, and fingernail become softer or crack. Osteoporosis can begin or increase. Fortunately, there are natural, holistic treatments available to help deal with the 34 symptoms of menopause. Mellowpause is one of the menopause remedies that can naturally relieve hot flashes, insomnia, moodiness and restless and other hormonally-caused body changes. Because natural supplements do not have the risks associated with hormone replacement therapy, they can be safe, inexpensive and very effective.