Learn About Birthstone Gemstones for Each Birthday Month

Gem Essences for Spiritual Enhancement
and Energetic Balancing

If you are planning to gift personalized items to your near and dear ones, then you might wish to consider
a special gift, such as birthstone gemstones.

Gemstones can easily be incorporated into rings and necklaces. Birthday gemstone jewelry can be made from
any of the precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or even titanium but the most preferred option
is probably silver because gemologists will tell you that silver augments the holistic benefits that can
be derived from the use of such stones.

A gemstone silver ring is one of the most commonly available forms of jewelry that is used for incorporating
birthstones to derive the potential holistic and healing benefits. However, before incorporating birthstones
in gemstone silver rings the following list shares a bit about each month’s precious birthday gem. Since
every stone has its own relative value it holds a special vibration for those born in the specific month
represented by the stone.

List of Info on Gemstones Assigned to Each Month

Garnet: This precious gemstone is available in different colors and is suitable
for a person born in January. It is available in different shapes and prices to suit the tastes and pockets
of different individuals.

Amethyst: This a type of quartz and is available in different colors ranging from
pale lilac to black purple and is meant for people born in February. It symbolizes peace and tranquility
and is said to have a sobering affect on the wearer.

Aquamarine: This birthstone gemstone comes in refreshing sea blue shades and is
meant for people born in March. It is available in different shapes but looks most striking in oval and rectangular

Diamond: The Diamond is one of the most well known stones, most often incorporated
into wedding rings. It is also the birthstone for those born in April. Although the colorless shades are
mostly preferred, diamonds are also available in other shades such as green, red, pink, blue, canary yellow
and amber.

Emerald: This precious stone is for those people born in May. It is also referred
to as the green stone due to its color. It is also available in different shapes such as cabochon, domes,
and can even be carved.

Pearl and Moonstone: The pearl is for people born in June and is valued according
to the color, shape and size. Artificially produced pearls are also available, which are relatively cheaper
than naturally occurring pearls. Pearls are not as popular in gemstone silver rings, but more often set in
white or yellow gold. Pearls also designed into necklaces and drop earrings. The Moonstone is translucent
with shades of white, pink, yellow, blue and has a soft sheen. It is said to Sooth stress and anxiety.

Ruby: This precious stone is one of the most rare among all gemstones and is meant
for people born in July. These gems are red in color and the most precious are Burmese rubies, which have
light shades of blue.

Peridot: A terrific green stone that is assigned to people born in August and is
available mostly in lime green shades. Some of the gems may also be found in shades of brown and olive.

Sapphire: This beautiful gem is assigned to people born in September and is available
in all colors except red. Pink, green, orange, and golden colored sapphires make for excellent jewelry when
incorporated in a necklace, ring or bracelet.

Opal and Tourmaline: The beauty of the opal stone is given to those born in October.
It is available in different shades such as black, dark blue, gray with streaks of red, pink, and bright
green. Also the Tourmaline is a powerful, electromagnetic, striated gem. It also has quite a range of color

Topaz: This gem is meant for people born in November and is available in different
shades of orange-yellow, honey, red, light green, pink, and blue.

Zircon and Turquoise : This Zircon stone is a choice for people born in December.
It is available both in colorless forms and in different shades such as blue, green, yellow, orange, red
and brown. Another popular choice for a December birthstone is the poplar Turquoise gemstone.

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