Fibro Ease Essential Oil for Pain Relief and for Massaging Muscles

Fibro-Ease Massage Technique with Essential
Oils Help Pain

The Fibro-Ease Application is a very simple combination of a special pain relieving massage technique and the use
of essential oils. Why are essential oils important to this process?

Well, pure essential oils are the highest oxygenation products on earth. This means they have the ability to actually
get oxygen to your cells and, when that happens, your body can release toxins and pull much needed potassium back
into the cell.

This alone will help with pain and spasms and give the cells what they need to begin to heal themselves.
However, essentials oils do so much more. When inhaled, essential oils have the ability to reach and directly affect
the part of the brain known as the amygdala, or seat of our emotions. So, they can help us relax more quickly than
any other know substance.

This combination of oxygenation and relaxation is why I feel adding essential oils to the correct massage technique
is a remarkable healing tool, particularly for those who suffer with fibromyalgia or other chronic types of muscle
and joint pain.

The oils chosen for the Fibro-Ease Treatment are based on their properties. We want oils that are high-oxygenation,
anti-inflammatory, soothing and relaxing. We also want oils known for their rejuvenation properties. The most valuable
of the ones we’ll mention, in terms of helping the body heal itself, is helicrysum. Oil of helicrysum has been shown
to aid rejuvenation and regeneration. We consider it the most important of the ones you will be using.

Essential Oils That Help Relieve Pain

Essential Oils you will need: Helicrysum, Roman Chamomile, Basil, Marjoram, plus your favorite relaxing oil, or
use one of the above.

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To stimulate the amygdala, so that you will start relaxing more quickly, take the cap off your favorite relaxing
oil (if you have one), or use the chamomile, basil or marjoram at this time. Slowly bring the oil toward your nose,
inhaling slowly. Then, move it away again. Do this three times. This is a very important part of the relaxation response
so don’t skip it if you want maximum results.

Whoever is doing the massage for you should then follow these steps:

Pour a small amount of olive or sesame oil, (maybe the size of a quarter) in the palm of the hand and add 6-8 drops
of Chamomile Essential Oil.

Massage mixture evenly over entire back, legs and arms. If that isn’t enough to cover
the whole body, then repeat the process again.

You may alternately mix the oils beforehand in a small bottle. However,
I don’t advise mixing large quantities as the oil can go rancid.

If you are educated in the properties of essential
oils, you may find that you want to substitute and this is your choice. The chamomile is included for anti-inflammatory
purposes so if you substitute, be sure to use an oil that is also helpful for this.

The basil and marjoram
are both soothing, anti-spasmodic oils that help the muscles let go and relax so choose anti-spasmodic blends if
you substitute.

I really don’t recommend substituting for the helicrysum, because of it’s unique and powerful properties.

Next, take a little less olive or sesame oil and add 6-8 drops of helicrysum. Apply with light, overlapping strokes
from the very base of the spine to the very base of the skull.

You will need to get the oil in the hairline, to cover
all that needs to be covered, so make sure you go all the way to the skull and over toward the ears on both sides.

After applying helicrysum, work with gentle circular motion to massage in the oil, working on both sides of the
spine, very gently. No hard pressure needed or desired.

It’s best to avoid working down the spine; instead, start
at the tailbone work up one side, then come back to tailbone and work up the other side.

After working up both sides of the spine, take yet a little more oil and blend in 3-4 drops each of marjoram and
basil. Apply this mixture to shoulders, tense leg muscles, anywhere that is particularly hurting or in spasm.

Now, have the client turn over and lie still for 5-10 minutes. Then follow with whichever massage method you choose.

It’s also important to drink water after a massage with oils, because the oils are so effective at helping the body
release toxins. However, one should not take a bath or shower immediately, to let the oils penetrate more deeply.

An optional rejuvenating end to the treatment would include mixing a few drops of peppermint oil with sesame or
olive oil, and massaging both feet. This is a wonderful energy-lifter if it’s necessary to bring yourself back to
an energized state for work or other activity.

Important Notice: This application is not to be construed as replacement for any needed medical care and should
not be used if your doctor or healthcare professional feels it would hinder your current treatment or medications
in any way.

Check with your doctor if you are on any medications at this time. Please note that you should always
dilute the oils in a little pure olive or sesame oil before applying and, if you have sensitive skin, you should
do a patch test 24 hours in advance, to make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions.

Special Essential Oils and Sleep Aids

This wonderful herbal remedy is made up of six essential oils in a synergistic combination which offers
incredible relief on a several levels at once. The essential oils in Olbas Formula include:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Eucalyptus
  3. Cajeput
  4. Wintergreen
  5. Juniper
  6. Clove

The product is helpful when applied to fingers, hands, and feet for pain relieving of arthritis discomfort and
the joint pain and aches that accompany rheumatism or neuralgia. You can also use for massaging pressure points
and spot massage on areas for a quick effect. This oil blend provides fast relief by penetrating deeply down into
tissue to also soothe backache pain and symptoms from muscle strains and sprains, and even sore
tired feet, too. You will love massaging this pain relieving oil into your tired muscles, and also use it prior to working out too.