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Unlock Your Body’s Secret to Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

If your body had a secret to losing weight naturally, wouldn’t you want to know about it? In fact, your life
may even depend on it!

The deadliest diseases, heart disease, diabetes, circulatory disorders, hypertension, cancer, and stroke have
all been linked to obesity and account for over 300,000 deaths a year in the United States alone!

Studies show that these life-threatening diseases may be prevented by achieving and maintaining an ideal body
weight; however, the startling fact is that 68% of all Americans are overweight.

Why do some people become over-weight? When we consume more calories than we burn off, our body stores the
extra calories as body fat. Genetics play a role in metabolism (the rate at which the body burns calories
for fuel), but lifestyle and environment often outweigh the genetic factors involved in weight problems.
Ironically, in many cases excessive dieting is a chief contributor to obesity.

How Do Starvation Diets Cause Your Metabolism to Slow Down?

When you go on a “starvation diet” you are denying your body fuel to operate. As a survival instinct
to prevent tissue loss, your body conserves energy in order to operate your heart, lungs and other organs.
You not only feel hungry, you feel sluggish as well. A vicious struggle ensues between your will power and
your appetite.

When the diet is discontinued the calories and fat consumed are burned off slower than before the “diet” because
your metabolism slowed down during what your body believed to be a “famine.” In essence, dieting
encourages weight-gain and makes it more difficult to lose body fat. The key to achieving and maintaining
an ideal body weight is to speed up metabolism.

Thermogenesis: How your Body Burns Fat

In order to speed up the rate at which you burn fat, you must stimulate the process that controls it, thermogenesis.
Thermogenesis is simply when the body produces heat so that fat is burned for energy. A substance that stimulates
thermogenesis is called a thermogenic activator.

Citrus Aurantium: nature’s newly discovered thermogenic activator Citrus Aurantium,
a fruit commonly known as bitter orange, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat chest congestion
and indigestion, stimulate gastrointestinal function and improve circulation and liver function. In traditional
western medicine, Citrus Aurantium has been used to treat digestive and circulatory problems.

Dennis Jones, Ph.D., a leading expert in natural weight loss, was one of the first scientists to discover
the thermogenic qualities of Citrus Aurantium. With formal education in chemistry and in medical and life
sciences, Dr. Jones’ interests led him to further training in nutrition, nutritional pathology, pharmacology,
and food science. He has served on two Canadian government committees—the Expert Committee on Human
Nutrition and the Expert Committee on Plant Products—and has published more than 100 scientific papers.

Now scientists have discovered that Citrus Aurantium stimulates weight loss by increasing the production of
heat to burn fat calories at a faster rate, giving the body access to greater amounts of energy—safely,
effectively and dramatically.

Citrus Aurantium Burns Fat

According to research, Citrus Aurantium / bitter orange exclusively stimulates metabolism to increase fat
breakdown and encourage growth in muscles. Simply put, Citrus Aurantium speeds up fat burn-off, provides
increased energy, and promotes lean muscle tone—essential for firm hips, thighs, waist and buns.

Citrus Aurantium stimulates the specific part of fat cells, called beta receptors, that initiates a series
of chemical reactions responsible for increased fat breakdown.

In addition, any physical activity will increase the thermogenic effect. An appropriate exercise program,
as well as a moderately low-fat diet with lots of water in-take, will further enhance the thermogenic effect
of Citrus Aurantium towards permanent and healthy weight loss.

Citrus Aurantium works safely without jittery side effects.

Some thermogenic herbs, such as Ma Huang, easily cross the blood-brain barrier, reportedly causing central-nervous-system
and cardiovascular side effects. One of the unique aspects of Citrus Aurantium is that it does not stimulate
the central nervous system in the brain. Citrus Aurantium exclusively triggers the increase of metabolic
rate so the negative central-nervous-system side effects are not experienced.

Citrus Aurantium was tested by Sprauge-Dawley Laboratories to determine if there is any toxicity associated
with its use. Tests concluded that even in amounts far exceeding the normal dose for weight loss, Citrus
Aurantium was a very safe substance causing no toxicity at all in the body.

HCA – Nature’s Fat Blocker and Appetite Suppressor

Exciting news in weight management research reveals a fat-blocking fruit acid called HCA promotes weight loss
naturally, safely, and without making you feel hungry or devoid of energy.

HCA, short for hydroxycitric acid, is similar to the citric acid found in oranges, grapefruits, and lemons.
Extracted from a fruit called Garcinia Cambogia, HCA was first identified in the late nineteenth century.
However, the people of Southeast Asia have used Garcinia Cambogia to flavor their food and for medicinal
purposes such as treating intestinal worms and other intestinal parasites for centuries.

Further, Garcinia Cambogia is used in many traditional recipes and is believed to aid digestion and make meals
more filling. Today, people throughout Southeast Asia continue to use Garcinia Cambogia in large quantities
in foods and tonics.

Beginning in 1971, the pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-La Roche studied the use of HCA in treating obesity. The
researchers at Hoffman-La Roche concluded that HCA blocks fat production, reduces appetite, and may even
stimulate thermogenesis.

Better still, in all the years of its consumption, HCA has had no toxicity or adverse side-effects ever reported.

HCA Ignites the Fat-Burning Engine Inside Your Body

In clinical studies HCA was shown to fight the most common contributors to weight gain—overeating,
slow metabolism and lack of energy for physical activity. Study subjects using HCA experienced a dramatic
loss of body fat due to less food in-take, increased energy, and conservation of lean muscle mass.

For example, Anthony Conte, M.D., a weight-loss specialist, conducted several studies using HCA to promote
weight-loss. He observed his patients were better able to follow the eating and exercise plan he advised
than patients he did not put on HCA. The HCA group consumed less calories due to a suppressed appetite, lost
more body fat, and experienced more energy.

In summary, HCA promotes healthy, natural weight loss by supporting these factors for fat loss:

Suppresses appetite: Hoffman-La Roche and Brandeis University researchers discovered
that HCA sends early fullness signals to the brain through the liver, thereby reducing appetite. When appetite
is reduced so is the intake of food.

Inhibits fat formation: HCA blocks the enzymes responsible for converting carbohydrates
to fat. Scientists suspect that HCA produces a thermogenic effect, which may account for HCA’s ability to
raise metabolism while increasing the use of stored fat for energy.

Provides extra energy: HCA diverts calories toward the production of glycogen, the
special energy storage starch found in the liver and muscles, giving you more energy to get up and go.

Chromium Enhances the Actions of HCA

Chromium helps metabolize cholesterol, fats and proteins, while helping to build muscle at the expense of
fat. In clinical studies the combination of HCA and chromium facilitated weight loss, while preserving lean
muscle tissue. Chromium enhances HCA’s action of suppressing the appetite by regulating blood sugar levels.

Why is HCA unique? Almost all pharmaceutical appetite suppressors have side effects including nervousness,
elevated or irregular heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, and potential for abuse (including addictive qualities).

HCA surpasses pharmaceutical and most natural substances in safety, tolerance and effectiveness by the following

No side effects: HCA acts at the level of carbohydrate metabolism through the liver,
not the brain, to influence appetite. It does not increase nervousness, heart rate or blood pressure. Plus,
HCA does not interfere with the chemical actions of other medications.

HCA is highly effective: Hoffman-La Roche studies showed that HCA continued to reduce appetite considerably
and weight loss was consistent all the way to the end of the study. In addition, a moderately low-fat diet
and regular exercise enhanced the fat blocking actions of HCA as well as helped overcome the common “plateau” in
many weight loss programs.

HCA is safe: Toxicity tests by Hoffman-La Roche have shown that HCA is as safe as
the citric acid in oranges and lemons, and may be used on a regular basis without any adverse or toxic effects.

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