Dr. Dawn Ella Has Created The Soul Link Meditation App

When it comes to Dr. Dawn Ella, entrepreneurs have a great role model and mentor to look up to when launching a product, service, or brand because she is a business leader who has the tools to persevere and triumph.

With great confidence, perseverance, and know-how she never lets obstacles get in the way. Dr. Ella, a formidable female entrepreneur, and remarkable thought leader, has forged her own path to create Soul Link an innovative comprehensive meditation platform.

This remarkable new technology launches nationally in November 2023, and is currently available at www.soul-link.org and in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Everyone is looking forward to the Monday, November 6 launch party in Naples Florida, and for additional beta testers and users to experience the Soul Link App.

Dr. Ella’s story took a dramatic twist when she was involved in a horrendous car accident 17 years ago that led to “an awakening journey.” After recovering from a coma, she discovered that she had a wonderful gift to be able to help others and this led me into studying deeper and further. I understood what I was being called to do.”

Her extensive studies resulted in a unique patent-pending formula in 37 countries. Combining Dr. Ella’s personal experiences and extensive research, with her understanding of science, she was able to create a cutting-edge platform that provides us with the tools to transform our lives and ultimately heal ourselves.

Meet Dr. Dawn Ella

Dr. Dawn Ella, Founder of Supernal World Creations, Soul Link & The Soul Medic, is a highly accomplished expert in Complementary, Integrative & Alternative Medicine. Her titles include Soul Physician, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, and Ordained Minister.

She leads the non-profit Supernal World Creation’s Mission of Humanitarian Innovations, inspired by her son Michael’s birth, which initiated a profound journey. Guided by divine intervention, she discovered the critical impact of early-life wisdom, especially from birth through age six, in shaping a child’s subconscious.

In 2006, a near-death experience granted her profound insights into the Soul’s higher vibrations, recounted in her memoir, “The Energy Tree, The Reflection.” This transformative event and her subsequent thirteen-year recovery explored life’s meaning and the themes of Love and Death.

Undaunted by life’s challenges, Dr. Ella harnessed this experience for personal transformation. As a Divine Teacher and Soul Mentor, she has spent more than a decade healing fragmented soul aspects through The Soul Medic. Drawing wisdom from profound insights and her son Michael, she founded Supernal World Creations in 2019.

Supernal World Creations’ mission is to enhance well-being through humanitarian innovations. At its core is Soul Link, an application developed this year, employing patented audiovisual stimulation, pending patents in 37 countries.

Driven by her belief in Soul Link’s transformative power, Dr. Ella aims to make a lasting impact, nurturing holistic well-being and spiritual growth. With unwavering dedication, she and her team unlock the inherent wisdom in each individual, paving the way for a brighter future for humanity.

Please share your advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling to launch their own dream, vision, service, or product.

Dr. Dawn Ella: Follow your heart and your soul. It is time to ask yourself, ‘What is your calling?’ ‘What brings you joy?’ ‘What doesn’t feel like work?’ ‘What makes your heart sing?’ It’s within that joy that you can have that resilience. 

I would say to find that passion and that part of yourself that you can express and share with the world. You can find success when you follow your heart.”

Please share a little more of your personal story. A lot of people would have gone on disability, stayed home, and given up. Why wasn’t this your path?

Dr. Dawn Ella: That was something that I was faced with. After being bedridden for a year, it was really in question if I would ever drive again and how was I going to be able to function again. They did a lot of testing and my results were kind of borderline. 

The question I came up with is if I wanted to apply for disability because I was a candidate for it. It didn’t feel like the doctors had a lot of hope for me. It was a little bit scary, but I have such resilience inside of me. I wasn’t going to do that; I knew I had to persevere.

What kept you going during this difficult time?

It all comes back to that inner self. I was spiritual before this accident and thankfully I was already spending time with my inner self, so when I left this world and I went to the other side and I was told it’s not your time yet, you need to go back, that inner part of me was so powerful and so strong. 

I was asked to do something. You need to go back because there are people you’re going to heal. When you have something that you’re so connected to that tells you something like that it never leaves you. To this day what I heard feels as strong as when I heard it 17 years ago. That strength of that light, that inner light of our inner self, is what kept me going.

Please tell me what the Soul Link App is and what compelled you to create it.

Dr. Dawn Ella: Soul Link is a comprehensive meditation platform that helps you elevate to your authentic self. It’s different than traditional meditation; it’s a different way to meditate. It allows you to keep your eyes open and it gives you a visual story to watch in detail on the screen.

By marrying meditation, music, and science, Soul Link delivers a holistic and enriching experience, empowering individuals to explore their inner realms and unlock the untapped potential of their minds, bodies, and souls for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Within those studies, I was able to take all these pieces of what I was learning and put them into a particular formula where if you combined all the sound therapy together it could have dramatic healing effects. Not only spiritually, but also mentally, emotionally, and physically, and how it can assist in our awakening.

Tell us about the three pillars.

Dr. Dawn Ella: Soul Link uses the science of sound and formulates three pillars of wellness: sound healing musical compilations, immersive earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves. This enables the user to break down blockages, unlock their peak potential, and achieve long-lasting peace, happiness, and harmony like never before.

Through the Sound Healing Musical Compilations, Soul Link incorporates binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other sound technologies to optimize brainwave frequencies, thus including desired states of consciousnesses for relaxation, focus, and heightened awareness during meditation sessions. The scientifically designed music selection enhances the meditative experience, which promotes deep and transformative journeys of self-discovery.

Soul Link’s visually guided meditation videos are crafted with a keen understanding of the psychological and physiological aspects of mindfulness, creating a comprehensive and effective practice.

What do you feel are the benefits of using the Soul Link App?

Dr. Dawn Ella: The app is designed to help users unlock their untapped potential, transmute their pain into growth, and ultimately, foster personal growth and well-being. By embracing the transformative power of Soul Link, people can embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Users can break down blockages to unlock their peak potential and achieve long-lasting peace, wellness, and harmony like never before. By unlocking the science of sound, the Soul Link App allows users to reach their inner self.

How is Soul Link different from typical meditation or meditation apps?

Dr. Dawn Ella: Instead of somebody guiding you on a meditation you get to visually experience that. It also has musical compilations that have been created to help connect you to your authentic self and allow you to foster profound inner growth and self-discovery. 

It’s based on a patent-pending formula, so the musical compilations are with sound therapy and pretty extensive to help bring you to a closer connection to yourself.

It is extremely impressive that Soul Link is patent pending in several dozen countries. Please tell me more about this.

Dr. Dawn Ella: We’re patent pending in 37 countries. The story behind Soul Link was gleaned from the tragic accident. When I had my tragic accident, I was in a coma. After I came out of the coma, I was bedridden for a year in order to heal. In doing so I was very isolated. I was separated from being out of the mainstream with everybody else because I needed to heal. That began my inward journey. I began to understand how much all of the answers are inside of you.

It was a wonderful time for inner growth and expansion based on my inner self. With that it allowed me to see things a lot differently. After being bedridden for a year and then going out into the world once again was quite a shock to me. I was very elevated in my perception of reality and was able to see when I looked at people how far we all were away from where we needed to be.

This inner journey expanded my consciousness. It expanded my horizons of understanding. In doing such I was able to see things on a whole new level how far away from love we were and how much of our inner turmoil was so present in our everyday life. 

Again, this was 17 years ago so this was before the pandemic, this was before where the world is at the state we are now. I was able to foresee how much we all needed and I wanted to help with that. I wanted to be of service to others in that way.

Through that time, I was able to develop a formula that could be very healing if we put it together. If you have all these sound pieces, they don’t naturally sound good together so it’s not easy to do. It did take time and the right person to be able to formulate something that sounds beautiful but also does the job of helping with mental, cognitive, and therapeutic care. As well as discovering your inner self and your inner journey.

What would you say to people who don’t currently meditate and how Soul Link will serve them if they decide to try it?

Dr. Dawn Ella: I’ve noticed a lot of people have trouble meditating because they close their eyes and you’re supposed to go inside, but inside is where all those fragmentations are. When they turn to look inside it’s all of the noise and the mess and the problems and confusion and the worries and anxiety that they’re trying to get away from. 

By allowing Soul Link to guide you we use epigenetics and visual programming to give you something to look at as you look from the inside. There are beautiful sacred geometries in nature that just by looking at them you attune to that kind of frequency that allows you to resonate with that which you’re looking for. The way we’ve done it is completely different so hopefully, it will give a better experience.

For those who have trouble with meditation, I would say definitely try it because this could be the answer that you’ve been looking for. The music selections are very beautiful and transformative just listening to them. I can listen to the same composition multiple times and depending on what’s going on with my day I hear it differently. 

When I let it go towards different visuals, whether it’s the dolphins in the water or I’m going through the rainforest and the waterfalls, somehow the music seems to formulate exactly with the natural environment that I’m watching. It’s mesmerizing.

Making a positive impact in the lives of others and being in service are at the heart of your life’s work. Talk about that briefly.

Dr. Dawn Ella: My true understanding is that love is the only thing that’s real. the rest is an illusion of the fragmentation that we are here to transform. Following your heart, following the love, and always being in service and in love is the higher vibration that we can tune into.

For additional information go to: Soul Link