Celtic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Intuitive Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki is performed through a technique similar to the laying on of hands, and many forms incorporate Reiki
hand positions.

According to a study published in Jan/Feb 2005 in an issue of Alternative Therapies in 2002 one million U.S.
adults were familiar with Reiki and had one or more Reiki “treatments.”

Reiki is also practiced in hospitals worldwide, and is gaining more recognition, especially in the UK, where
the NHS (National Health Service) offers a Complementary Alternative Medicine program that uses Reiki and
other natural healing modalities as part of their day care patient programs.

If you are interested in learning more bout this healing art, and want to learn the basics of Reiki, there
are online Reiki classes available for very affordable prices.

Celtic Reiki

Celtic Reiki is a very unique style that combines the Celt’s ancient wisdom with the healing energy of Reiki. It can be used for to help with the manifestation of goals as well as for healing purposes. It consists of a variety of techniques
that are based on rituals of the Celts and it also offers those who practice a modality which can assist in helping with issues like health, abundance, work, romance, relationships and other everyday issues.

Celtic Reiki stems from Usui Reiki where both the Earth and the vibrations from specific trees assist in creating an environment to support healing and the energy for manifestation. This ancient healing art uses Reiki energy that is based on the energy frequency of
plants and trees which are part of Celtic wisdom. Celtic Reiki’s symbols
are derived from the Druidic alphabet, which is sacred and created by the Celtic spiritual leaders. The Celtic Ogham, is said to contain hidden secrets for magic and divination. Through a deep connection with the trees this magical alphabet symbolizes the Celts deep reverence for the tree spirits.

Kundalini Reiki

Reiki, meaning ‘universal life energy’, is a form of energy healing which is now increasingly recognized for
its ability to heal on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and promote total holistic

Kundalini Reiki, along with other styles is known to energize as well as provide healing benefits for the
body. It reduces stress while working in conjunction with other modalilties of healthcare and various medical

While different types of Reiki offer specific objectives you will find Kundalini Reiki an excellent
choice when addressisng the some of the issues that come up regarding the lower chakras. Some of these are
grounding problems, problems with daydreaming, emotions and feelings like shyness, or stresses around sexual
issues. Kundalini Reiki is also very helpful for those who are currently or in the past had problems with
wrong Kundalini awakening, or just overall problems with the Kundalini energy.

As a powerful tool for energetic healing this combination of Kundalini and Reiki
energy works in synergy. You can promote spiritual healing along with increasing your spiritual evolution
in the direction of enlightenment. There are no pre-requisites for studying Kundalini Reiki. You can also
use Kundalini Reiki for healing karmic bonds, such as those from this life and previous life situations.
Also personal qualities and character traits that would also benefit from balancing. As you strengthen the
energy channels of your body, enabling the healing waves of Reiki energy to flow through you and cleanse
your body from energy blockages you should see positive effects in your life. You can also learn how to safely
awaken your Reiki channeling abilities.

Ama Deus Shamanic Healing

Are you interested in improving both your own and others health and well being? Ama Deus Shamanic Healing
offers simple but extremely powerful healing techniques, which have been employed for over 6000 years by
the Guarani Indians living deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil.

This type of shamanism uses a series of symbols, each of which is designed for a very specialized action.
You can learn how to send long-distance healing, and methods for healing the Earth and supporting world leaders
in their decision-making processes. Ama Deus can be used in a multitude of situations, and topics such as
receiving a spiritual gift on your birthday, obtaining spiritual information from your dreams and journeying
in the Akashic Records, plus much more.