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Top 9 tips to burn belly fat

Written by Katleen Brown Belly fat is not only unflattering, it is also a threat to our health. When excess weight accumulates around the waistline it can lead to diabetes and increase the risk of other illnesses. Independently of your motivation to reduce belly fat, you need a weight loss plan that …

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6 Tips For Reducing Weight Naturally

With a huge industry built around weight loss, it can be hard to know which path to take. It often feels like everyone is trying to sell you something that will make you skinny, but with low standards for truth in advertising it’s difficult to test their claims. In an …

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Ketogenic diet proof

ketosis diet tim noakes

“The proof is in the pudding?” Before joining the 6-in-1 guaranteed weight loss program, here are some more things to consider. Taking a big step such as switching to a FAT diet is not something anyone would take lightly, besides, for many years we were taught that it could harm …

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Practical tips to get rid of cellulite !

Practical Tips get rid of cellulite

Today cellulite is seen as an esthetic problem, although it is definitely more. Unfortunately, cellulite is a serious health problem that occurs as a result of reduced ability to break down the fat. Estrogen also slows down the breakdown of fat. These are usually deposited on the hips, buttocks and stomach, …

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