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Tay-Sachs Testing – What You Need to Know

Tay-Sachs Testing – What You Need to Know Tay-Sachs disease is a rare, neurodegenerative disorder in which the body does not produce necessary amounts of an enzyme (hexosaminidase-A) that helps to break down a naturally occurring fatty substances in the brain (called gangliosides). Without hexosaminidase-A, the brain continues to produce …

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The Best and Most Proper Way of Caring for Your Joints

The joints in your body can be likened to the treads on a vehicle’s tires – they wear away after some time, particularly as you get older. The cartilage which serves to cushion and support the joints can break down, especially if you have osteoarthritis, and without the ‘padding’ the …

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Best Tips for Human and Canine Health

For dog owners, keeping their canine healthy is often more important than addressing their own well-being. However, dog ownership can have numerous benefits, whether you opt to use a dog as an Emotional Support Animal or as a family pet. Whether you have one of the healthiest dog breeds or …

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5 Benefits of Undergoing a Human Growth Hormone treatment

Cosmetic procedures

The older you turn you’re bound to look for ways that help in improving your overall health condition. This includes rejuvenating your endurance and vitality, losing unwanted fat, enhancing the mental ability and improving sexual performance and libido. In an attempt to restore our growth hormone supplies, we often find …

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