Body Language: Your path to success

Did you know that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a better predictor of success than IQ? Being able to read people’s body language is one of the aspects encompassed by Emotional Intelligence. The expression “actions speak louder than words” is a bit cliched, but have you ever wondered why the things people do get noticed more than what they say? When it comes to the 5 sense modalities, the human brain is biased towards the processing of visual information. To give you an idea of the disparity, out of all the brain cells, about 30% are visual neurons while only 3% are auditory neurons. To put it simply, when processing visual information the brain can rely on much more help than when processing auditory information. So humans are unconsciously primed and used to interpreting the unspoken language of the body, whether it’s someone’s posture, facial expression, proximity or gestures. In fact, research has shown that we communicate 50% of our messages through body language.

You can see how being able to understand the messages that people are knowingly or unwittingly sending off might be useful to decide what to do or not do in tricky situations. Even more importantly, having an understanding of body language will increase your awareness of the messages that you are conveying to others. Have you ever wondered why your latest date never rang you back or why you didn’t get the job/promotion you wanted so badly? Well it might be down to your body language skills.

1coupon-75%personal-development-coursesAt university, I was lucky enough to be taught by the late psychologist Michael Argyle whose seminal work in body language brought this crucial aspect of communication to the attention of the general public. His research led to setting up a social skills training programme aimed at helping people with mental disorders, adolescents and even doctors to improve their interactions. In this day and age, with more and more of human interactions being mediated by technology, people’s skills in one-to-one interactions are starting to fall short. To gain the insight needed to have successful interactions you could read one of Michael Argyle’s books on the subject or better still you could take a course on Body Language that covers precisely those skills. Libby Seery, a psychologist specialised in the field, will be sharing her knowledge with you and following you closely throughout.

This course covers the most common body language patterns, which can be applied to any situation, and unveils their meaning. It will also increase your awareness of cultural differences in body language. Being Italian myself, I can assure you there’s a lot to learn! For example, playing cards with Italians might be a baffling experience for a foreigner as we even have signals to communicate our cards to our game partner or even what we would like them to play. Whilst speaking would be considered cheating, using gestures is acceptable and recognised as a part of the game and is a praised skill.

flirtThis course is also designed to help you interpret the body language of a potential partner whilst getting the right message across. Knowing some basic notions can make a huge difference in terms of understanding where you stand with someone you are interested in. Is he/she flirting or just being friendly? Is it the right time to take it to the next level? Something as simple as dilated pupils or seeking opportunities to make physical contact (e.g. a light touch or stroke to the arm) are unmistakable signs of liking. In this course, you will learn everything that you need to know about dating, flirting, courtship and mating.

Another application of body language considered at length in this course is related to the professional setting. Whether you are trying to get a promotion, to seal the deal in a negotiation, to influence a decision or a group of people, to make a great first impression on your boss or prospective client, to have a winning job interview, or be more confident at public speaking, with the skills contained in this course you will be sure to get exactly you want.

Are you open to learning about body language and how it can help you become more successful? If so, join this course now and start to notice the difference in the effectiveness and outcome of your everyday life interactions.