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I am an Irish Lifestyle Pharmacist who has a passion for natural health. I believe everyone should be empowered with knowledge to make changes that enhance a life of ease and not Dis...ease. Some of my mantras are "food be thy medicine", "more education less medication". My experiences range from clinical Pharmacy, holistic nutrition, side effects of drugs and natural pharmacy. My ethos is to share what I have read in an understandable format...Happy reading!

Diet soda or die-from-it soda?

When diet sodas were first introduced, they appeared to be the best thing since sliced bread. The idea was that you could drink limitless amounts of soda without having to count the calories and therefore avoid worrying about weight gain. The reality about these calorie free drinks is that they …

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The term going BRALESS may be uncomfortable, unprofessional and for some women downright unthinkable. Men may even consider the issue provocative! Is it really ‘dressed to thrill’ or ‘dressed  to kill’? Let us consider the pros and cons and address the question: “Is there a link between breast cancer and bras?” Women have used …

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