Diet soda or die-from-it soda?

When diet sodas were first introduced, they appeared to be the best thing since sliced bread. The idea was that you could drink limitless amounts of soda without having to count the calories and therefore avoid worrying about weight gain. The reality about these calorie free drinks is that they are very bad for your health and I would advise anyone drinking what I call DIE-FROM-IT sodas simply TO STOP. Here’s why you shouldn’t be drinking diet fizzy drinks.

The diet industry advertises these drinks as so-called healthy alternatives. Using the power of advertising as a strategy to reward yourself without any negative effects, i.e. gaining weight. In fact, by drinking these drinks you might even be able to improve your sexual prowess, just stop to think for a minute how ridiculous a concept this is!!!!!!!!

‘Zero’, when it comes to calorie intake, appears to be the holy grail, but let me convince you that the diet soda industry is motivated by money and doesn’t necessarily have your heath as its priority!!! Research has now questioned this rationale and my advice is to avoid these DIE-FROM-IT sodas at all costs.Coca Cola drinkende deelnemers Olympische Spelen *18 juli 1952
The adverts on television always paint the picture that young fit athletic men and women drink these drinks. Of course, the marketing strategy behind the adverts exploits the power of association between FIT BODY and DIET DRINKS, which makes the general public want to DRINK THEM. New evidence is now coming to light to suggest that these diet drinks actually cause weight gain. Yes I hear you. WHAT??? Well, its true. These diet sodas are also known to cause neurological problems, autoimmune disorders, they affect your gut flora and possibly lead to cancer. Let’s look at some of the problems associated with consuming these diet drinks.
  1. Weight gain: Daily intake of diet sodas has been very much linked to weight gain and long term use can increase the chances of obesity by up to 500%. Any information promoting diet drinks for weight loss is ILL ADVISED.
  2. Diabetes: It has been discovered that all artificial sweeteners, such as the ones used for diet sodas, can cause glucose intolerance  which can lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabete.
  3. Gut Bacteria: Artificial sweeteners are also implicated in disrupting the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut which is so important for a healthy life because a healthy gut means a healthy body.
  4. Rotten Teeth: The acids in diet sodas can corrode your teeth. How? They lower the pH of the saliva in your mouth which allows bacteria to multiply on the surface of your teeth causing erosion, bad breath and poor oral hygiene.
  5. Weak Bones: The phosphoric acid in the sodas depletes calcium from the bones leading to a reduction in bone density later in life. This is the same for both sugar free and sugary fizzy drinks.
  6. Heart Attack: Researchers in America found an increased risk of heart attack or stroke by up to 48% in regular diet drink consumers over a period of 10 years. Now you know why I call them DIE-FROM-IT SODAS!
  7. Migraines: These diet drinks are a major causative agent in headaches so avoid them at all costs.
  8. Epilepsy: If you are on Epilepsy medication please take my advice and avoid diet sodas.
I believe that a small amount of prevention is better than a TON OF CURE, especially when sodas have been linked to all these diseases. Exercise your right and make the right choice. Of course if you have been drinking the diet sodas regularly for the last so many years then I advise slowly reducing your daily intake to avoid withdrawal symptoms from these highly addictive beverages. Drink water with lemon or lime in it regularly. Carbonated water is also fine as long as it is free from the so-called healthy sweeteners…remember READ THE LABELS!