A Guide for Using Medical CBD to Alleviate Arthritis Pain

A Guide for Using Medical CBD to Alleviate Arthritis Pain

CBD, or cannabidiol, is currently approved by the FDA for the treatment of seizures. Many other conditions are showing signs of responding well to CBD, such as chronic pain from nerve or inflammatory conditions like arthritis. You don’t have to smoke or vape these cannabis products to get the full benefits, but it is one of the quickest ways to load your dose. Read this article to understand why medical CBD can be effective in alleviating arthritis pain.

Edible Grade Oils

Edible CBD oils can be applied to your gums or swished across your tongue to help you fall asleep at the full dosage. However, if you’re struggling with arthritis pain, you can engage in a process known as microdosing.

If your joints ache in the morning, add a single drop of CBD oil to your morning coffee or your smoothie. Remember, a full dose of edible-grade oil may make you sleepy. Some of these oils are also flavored; consider a drop of orange-flavored edible oil in a cup of vanilla tea in the afternoon to take the edge off of your arthritis pain.

It’s important to note that edible-grade CBD oil is vastly different from CBD liquids that can be vaped. Just as you wouldn’t ingest CBD lotion or lip balm, you never want to try to vape CBD edible oils.

CBD Isolate Powder

You can also purchase CBD isolate powder and mix it into completed meals or beverages right before you eat or drink to help control the aches of arthritis.

Be aware that CBD isolates offer fewer cannabis compounds than a more comprehensive product. However, if you’re concerned about exposure to THC, the CBD isolate powder may reduce worries. If you’re stiff or struggling in the morning, mix the isolate into your breakfast to ease arthritis pain.

CBD Topicals

You can purchase quality CBD topicals to apply directly to any part of your body impacted by arthritis. These topicals are loaded with antioxidants and can also be useful on inflamed skin.

If you struggle with skin conditions, such as psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, or a persistent rash, CBD lotion can soothe this irritation as well. You might also find a roll-on product or a balm that you can use if your joints are too sore or your skin is too inflamed to work in a lotion.

Absorption does take time, which is why many arthritis sufferers stack their CBD products. Vaping or buccal dosages act more quickly.

Vaping or Smoking CBD

If you have experience in smoking any cannabis product, you may find that smoking cannabis lowers your arthritis pain. A simple way to use cannabis for stress and pain without getting a full dosage that can make you sleepy is to use a vaping tool to microdose your CBD.

Many vaping tools offer a full dosage after 25 puffs. To manage arthritis pain, try just two puffs and wait for a few minutes. If your pain is reduced, go on with your day until the pain returns. If your pain remains, try three puffs.

Track Your Dosage

Every mammal has endocannabinoid receptors. Every mammal will also have a unique reaction to CBD. Once you know how many lotion applications, puffs, or drops of CBD oil you need to control your arthritis pain and inflammation, you can track your reaction.

If something happens to increase your pain, such as an injury or a weather event, you may have to increase your dosage or double up on your applications. However, there’s also the chance that you may notice that your current dosage lasts longer than it did before. Because you can’t build up a tolerance for it, you may be able to lower your dosage over time.

Do be aware that CBD can interact with some prescription medications. Discuss your interest in CBD and your dosage plans with your doctor before you start CBD to make sure that you don’t set yourself up for a dangerous interaction.