5 reasons why you should eat Greek Yogurt

Here’s 5 reasons why you should include Greek yogurt in your diet if you exercise regularly and/or are trying to shed some weight.

1. Helps build muscle: the liquid whey in Greek yogurt has been strained 3 times compared to the 2 times in regular yogurt. This means that Greek yogurt has a higher concentration of protein while having a lower concentration of carbohydrates, lactose and salt. This makes it a good food to eat if you are trying to build your muscles and maintain body tissue.

2. Helps you watch your waistline: Greek yogurt is rich in iodine which regulates thyroid function thus stimulating a potentially underactive thyroid. Moreover, it is rich in calcium which controls cortisol production thus limiting the storing of fat. Both iodine and calcium will contribute to watching your waistline.

3. Helps keep you regular: Greek yogurt contains a greater amount of probiotics than regular yogurt. Probiotics are microorganisms that reduce harmful bacteria in the human gut thus improving gut functioning and digestion. Eating one portion of Greek yogurt a day will keep you regular and you will stop feeling off because of constipation.

4. Gives you energy: Greek yogurt is rich in vitamin B12 which, among other things, helps convert what you eat in glucose to provide your body with energy. Some of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are muscle spasms, muscle stiffness and fatigue. Therefore, eating Greek yogurt regularly will ensure that your body is in optimal condition to exercise.

5. Good for workout recovery: Greek yogurt contains is rich in amino acids which help repair the damage caused by exercise. Amino acids make proteins which are the building blocks for reconstructing muscle tissue and fiber damage. If you add some fruit or nuts to Greek yogurt it will be a very nourishing meal.