Meditation Practice Made Easier: Fine Art of Shutting Up

Creating a Meditation Practice – Spiritual Discipline Can Make
Meditation Easier

Simplified Meditation is as individual a spiritual tool as any other.

There are many different ways to meditate and you can find the way that most easily allows you to reach deep, meditative
states through spiritual exploration.

We’re pleased to share various meditation development information and tips to help you with your meditation practice.

How Does Meditation Benefit Me?

Those who meditate on a regular basis report better sleep, a clearer mind, and more stability in their life overall.

This is certainly true for me. When I jump out of bed and straight into work, my day often lacks focus and even
joy. What a big difference it makes when I just remember, before starting my day, to take a few moments to stretch,
relax, breathe and be still of mind.

This same ritual before bed helps me release worries that might be tucked back, just beyond the conscious awareness,
and keep them from emerging just as I’m getting sleepy.

The Dynamics of Meditation – What Does the Term “Self-Mastery” Mean to You?

For me, it means being able to be in the moment, own what I am creating, and be responsive to the universal flow
of highest good. The great teachers of meditation say that you have to be a master if you really want to enjoy life
here; the master of your own mind.

Self-mastery is the goal of meditation. Begin your journey to self-mastery by understanding the essence of meditation,
both the science and the philosophy. Quickly you will learn:

  • What really is Meditation?
  • How to balance both hemispheres of your brain in a matter of minutes.
  • How to achieve a deep state of relaxation in 45 seconds.
  • Re-establishing self-esteem & self-control.

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Tips on Breath Awareness

Inhale and exhale through the nose.

Breathe smooth, slow, quiet & continuously.

Keep your head neck and trunk in straight alignment.

Notice the sensation of coolness on inhalation at the tip of the nose and the sensation of warmth on exhalation.

Practice slow serene breathing with an initial goal of inhaling for 8 seconds and exhaling for 8 seconds. Later
with medical guidance this capacity can be expanded.

It is important to stay within your comfortable capacity. Do not strain the breath.

Practice your breath awareness for 12 minutes twice a day or longer. For your nervous system to get great benefits
from this practice, strive for consistent awareness of the act of breathing for the entire 12 minutes.

Locating Stillness: The Fine Art of Shutting Up So We Can Hear the Still, Small Voice

Meditation, to me, has often been a challenge. I have a mind that likes aerobics and a body that doesn’t! In some
instances, I’ve wished I could reverse that balance (particularly after turning 40!) but “I Yam What I Yam,” as
Popeye would say, which brings me to my point: Meditation is not easy for everyone. Not everyone can sit in lotus
position for 24 hours and bliss out. Not everyone should sit in lotus position–not even for a moment, if they have
muscles like mine–or bliss out for hours.

Meditation is as individual a spiritual tool as any other. Personally, I practice walking meditations. This used
to be tremendously easy. I could simply walk down to the creek and walk the Medicine Wheel at A
Place of the Heart
or the Sacred Labyrinth there. Since I’ve left that beautiful place and live in less natural
surroundings at the moment, I don’t have the wonderful peace of nature around me so much as I did then. But what
I discovered is that there is beauty everywhere. When I walk the city streets, early in the morning, I can actually
feel the Tree Spirits thanking me. They are so strong, the Tree Nation in cities, and can gift you so much when you
take time to slow down, walk, and notice them with love.

This kind of moving meditation works very well for me because it gives my body and mind something to focus on and
this seems to free my mind. I do some of my most focused prayers and healing work while walking, and receive some
of my most beneficial guidance. I said all that to say that what it takes to get yourself to that still point of
no mind may be different than your best friends or mine. Find what works for you. I do believe in meditation as a
spiritual tool and work to meditate everyday. It takes discipline for me. I’ve learned a few tricks to calm my active
mind (which I don’t see as a liability but a gift) and enter the void of inner space. I’ll share them with you, in
hopes they might be of benefit.

The Creek

The first meditation tool involves a visualization. I create a little stream or creek of water, and imagine it running
across my forehead. For me, it naturally runs left to right. For you, it may be different. Sometimes I see the creek
out in front of me, in front of my eyes as if I were looking at it, but mostly it is in the the third eye area for
me. As I enter meditation, I allow the many miscellaneous thoughts that inevitably pop up to just float down the
stream. I don’t fight them. I just notice them, and let them float on down. Many times, using this technique, I am
able to reach a point of pure water. Then, I know I am in the space of no-mind.

Back Burner

Another technique I use, for those stubborn thoughts that just won’t seem to let go, is to put them on “the
back burner.” I learned a long time ago, that we could create file folders in our mind, just like a physical
file folder on our desk. I ask my mind to create a “Back Burner” file, where things will be kept that need
attention soon after the meditation period, so that I can forget about them for the amount of time I dedicate to
meditation. It works (at least for me).

Stone Medicine

Where I used to live, we had a chair over which is suspended a copper pyramid with a big crystal in the middle and
smaller crystals all around it. My soulmate, Mac, created it before we met. It was a delightful surprise to me when
I tried the chair for meditation. I found that the crystals helped tremendously to focus my mind and to hone my inner
listening. I’ve had similar success while holding a creek bed stone or crystal in my hand while meditating. Find
a focus tool that works for you. Recently, I was led to create two gemstone essences. You may also find them useful
in helping to center and focus. You can read about them here along with some other meditation resources I’ve selected
for your pleasure and enhancement below.

Is Meditation Active?

That’s kind of a tricky question. You have to act to start. You have to make the decision to stop what you are doing,
sit down, focus on your breath and release the thoughts and cares of the day for a little while.

In that way, like anything else we do in these bodies, there is action involved but the results available from meditation
depend on also making the decision to stop action.

By that, I mean that you stop trying to figure things out and you stop asking God for answers.

Going into meditation to seek out answers is really counter-productive. I didn’t truly understand that for years.
There is a deep core within us that already knows the answer. Once we are still enough, it comes without effort.

Meditation Resources

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Your Experience: Your meditative patience is limited. You simply can’t afford to spend every single day meditating
for hours on end. Life just isn’t like that.

But still, some part of you yearns for spiritual utopia, a centered and content inner self…a state of mind, body
and soul that only a master of meditation can attain after years of practice, after years of “settling” and
training the mind.

Today, however, it’s easy. You just get into a comfortable position and begin playing your binaural beat recording.
Slowly, your mind grows more still. With most meditation CDs, you’d be asleep by now…but not this time…

You’re perfectly aware of the cool serenity of everything, everywhere. Suddenly the world is clearer and your mind
is totally still…this may be meditation like you’ve never known it, the sort of meditation that usually takes years
to master.

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