10 Notable benefits of rosemary

Holistic Nutrition

The herb rosemary, which originates from the Mediterranean region, is well known. If it is not going int your garden, then surely you will have some spice bottle filled with it in your kitchen. Rosemary has a wonderful aroma and taste, but did you know that it is packed with goodness that can benefit your health?

Rosmarinus officinalis, as rosemary is called by its scientific name, with its warmer and taste that is more astringent is family of mint, but without mints characteristic flavour.

This herb is known for many health benefits, from boosting memory, help to prevent hair loss, reducing hair loss, protecting your immune system, stimulating circulation, preventing premature gaining, detoxifying the body and healing skin problems. However, unlike flavouring, where only a small amount is needed, for extracting the health benefits of rosemary, you need a lot to have a major effect on your system. But if you keep on adding rosemary leaves to your diet, in the accumulated process you will gain the benefits. Otherwise, the use of essential oils that are applied directing on the skin can give you the health benefits you might be looking for.

1 Rosemary, the memory booster

Rosemary is an excellent cognitive stimulate. This herb improves memory and aids by enhancing intelligence and focus of people. Many studies have concluded that rosemary, in fact, increases memory retention, keeps the brain sharp, and helps to make you feel young. In addition, the herb rosemary has been connected to stimulating cognitive activities in older people; include people that are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

2 Rosemary boosts immunity

Rosemary has active components of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic. These elements represents a three-pronged attack in contradiction of many diverse diseases and pathogens that could impend the immune system or damage the veracity of the body. Antioxidant compounds form a secondary line of defence behind the body’s own immune system, and rosemary contains a noteworthy amount of those powerful compounds, together with caffeic acid, rosmarinic acid, carnosol and betulic acid.

3 Rosemary as to improve your stress and mood levels

You can improve your mood simply by smelling rosemary. But the aroma can also clear the mind and relief stress. If rosemary is applied topically, it can have similar effects. Nevertheless, the best is to use if with aromatherapy. There you use essential oils, and these are concentrated form of the active components that will yield a positive effect on your mood and stress levels.

4 Rosemary could offer antibacterial potential

Rosemary, besides offering excellent immune boosting qualities, it can also protect your body from bacterial infections, especially infections located in the gut. A very common, also a very harmful pathogen is H. pylori bacteria. But rosemary has been shown in studies to be effective to prevent its growth when consumed. In addition, rosemary has been found to be good at preventing Staph infections, which can be deadly.


5 Rosemary could sooth a sore stomach

Traditionally rosemary has been used as a natural remedy for upset stomachs, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. It is effective in offering relief as it has anti-inflammatory and stimulant effects. Therefore, add it to your diet to help to keep your bowel movements and gastrointestinal system regular.

6 Rosemary could offer you some pain relief

If rosemary is applied topically as a paste to sore areas, it could offer some pain relief. But it can also be taken orally for harder to reach spots, like headaches and migraines.

7 Rosemary can stimulate blood flow

This herb is an excellent booster and stimulant for the production of red blood cells and to increase blood flow. Rosemary helps to oxygenate vital organ systems, but it also ensures that the metabolic activities in those areas are functioning correctly. Plus, what it does is to stimulate the movement of nutrients to the cells that are in need of repair. This means that rosemary is also effective at preventing or slowing down hair loss, as the cells are receiving more nutrients and blood.

8 Rosemary offers anti-inflammatory qualities

Rosemary offers anti-inflammatory agents, namely it contains carnosel and carnosic acid, which are two strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds what can reduce inflammation of the blood vessels, joints, and muscles. Therefore, people that are suffering from gout, injuries, arthritis, blood pressure and physical exertion as a complementary treatment should use rosemary. Also, rosemary has been found to be effective at reducing inflammation in the cardiovascular system, which means that it could boost heart health and avert atherosclerosis from appearing.

9 Rosemary can detox your body

As rosemary has is slight diuretic, it implies that rosemary can aid the process of flushing out toxins more efficiently during urination. Additionally rosemary can increase the speed at which water leaves the body, it can also help push out salts, pathogens, toxins, but also some fat when consumed regularly.

As rosemary can help to remove toxins from the body, it can also help to level the levels of cirrhosis and a faster healing time of the liver. This is important, since the liver is one of the slowest organs to heal.

10 Rosemary can give you a fresh breath

As rosemary offers excellent antibacterial qualities, it is also rather useful at improving your oral health by killing germs and leaving your breath fresh. Just steep some rosemary leaves in a glass filled with hot water. Then gargle with that water to kill off any bacteria and to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

The ending remarks

There are many more benefits that rosemary can offer, such as a healthier and youthful skin.

Plant this herb in your garden, or keep in a pot in your kitchen, and use it when cooking or make a tea of it. Otherwise, make use of the essential oils.

Not only will you look refreshes, toxins removed from your body, but you could end up using less medication as the effects of this herb helps you deal with inflammation and other health concerns.