Searching for Gluten Free Foods? Creates Invaluable Food Information Resource

An innovative company has been established to empower clients to make educated choices about food selection through the use of technology.

This company, best described as a food information resource, aims to allow users of the site to make safe and healthy food choices according to each specific dietary need.

For the millions of people who require specialized diets, Zeer offers an indispensable service. Zeer enlists you to help you “save time + live better.”

About Zeer: The Easy Way to Find Better Food

Zeer was created to be an informative and comprehensive food information resource for users with specialized diets because of:

  • intolerances, such as gluten or lactose;
  • allergies, such as egg, milk, peanut, soy, tree nut, or wheat;
  • lifestyles, such as organic, vegan, or vegetarian;
  • diets, like low carb, low fat, or Weight Watchers;
  • health concerns, such as cancer prevention, diabetes, or pregnancy; and
  • religious or cultural restrictions, such as Halal or Kosher diets.

List of Groceries to BuyPeople with these specific dietary concerns, or people with the simple desire to explore healthy food choices, can easily search the database for over 30,000 food products suitable for each personalized diet.

Each product in the database is detailed with nutritional facts per serving size, ingredients list, allergies or other warnings information, additional notes or information from the maker of the product, and potential alternatives. Zeer also offers users of the site to rate each product based on personal opinions on each item.

Your Diet & Food Choice Safety

Each of the 30,000 items in the Zeer database is rated with a status designed to indicate to users whether or not that item is appropriate for each diet. These safety ratings include “Gluten free,” “Appears to be gluten free,” “May contain gluten,” and “Contains gluten.”

Items not appropriate for certain diets will have alternative, similar items suggested, making food selection and shopping easy. For instance, if you are trying to maintain a heart healthy diet, you will receive help making best food choices to make meal planning and shopping easy. Or you may have a child who has a peanut allergy. You will know exactly what foods with peanuts to avoid so you can select best diet alternatives.

Easy to Use Food Database

Zeer, the food information resource site, was designed to make it easier for those with special dietary concerns to find good, healthy foods. But it’s more than that: Zeer educates its users by detailing ingredients and nutritional information of each product in its database.

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