Find Enzymes Information and Learn What They Are and Best Supplements

What are Enzymes? Enzyme Supplements That Play a Key Role in Your Health and Wellness

When working with herbs and other holistic products, many people have had excellent results from working with
enzymes for improving overall health than any other single wellness product.

Many people probably associate digestive enzymes with digestion because, after all that is their main function.
However, they are also absolutely necessary for every chemical reaction the body performs. Nothing at all
can happen, to keep our body healthy, without enzymes: not detoxification; not elimination; not digestion
and assimilation of nutrients (including vitamins, minerals and herbs); not proper functioning of the nervous

This is why we consider enzymes the number one health supplement for today’s world, no matter what the physical
challenge. We also consider them an excellent tool for anti-aging. Enzymes supply the nutrients to keep our
skin supple and smooth. After several months on these featured enzymes even skin tone can appear more healthy
and less tired-looking.

One question a lot of people ask is “Don’t I get enough enzymes in the food I eat?” The answer is
no. This is because cooked foods contain zero enzymes. And most people eat primarily cooked or processed
foods. Even if you are one of those who eats better than the norm, unless you eat 100% raw foods, you don’t
get nearly enough enzymes to even digest your food properly, much less rebuild, detox and maintain health.
This is because raw foods contain only enough enzymes to digest the food itself. There’s no surplus.

And, if you are sick, it becomes very difficult to get the body in gear to heal when its enzyme-depleted.
It takes massive amounts of enzymes to help the body regenerate from a damaged situation.

Also, stress is a mega enzyme killer and we are living in times of consistent stress, which taxes our bodies
ability to generate enough metabolic enzymes too.

In addition, any foods with additives, irradiation, or processing of any kind, plus cooked foods, stress our
ability to manufacture enough metabolic enzymes to maintain health as does sweating, like a good work out
or a sauna. Also, caffeine is a big enzyme killer which is why you should take extra enzymes if you drink
caffeine, until you can at least cut down.

And finally, although the body can produce it’s own enzymes, this ability lessens as we grow older. Our bodies
were designed to live in a natural, unpolluted environment on 100% raw foods. And since we don’t adhere to
that, we are aging much faster than we are really meant to. Over time, some of the symptoms of enzyme depletion
show up in wrinkles, joint pains, and other generalized symptoms of “aging.” Perhaps we should
think of aging as an option, not a requirement, and with the consistent use of enzymes we may defer a a decline
in energy and unnecessary discomfort as we grow older.

There simply is no equivalent to Enzyme Essentials, our recommendation that we have found in the health food
stores. What’s generally out there is either:

  • Not the correct proportion to address the condition.
  • Not nearly as potent or pure.
  • Measured in weight (mg) instead of FCC activity (weight is useless as an indicator of how good an enzyme
    will work).
  • Contains additives that may alter the results or contain animal enzymes, which work differently than
    plant and are, except for a few conditions, less effective according to enzyme specialists.

The enzymes we recommend are the best enzymes that money can buy, at the best price. If you want the results
that enzymes can provide, you can do no better.

Living in a completely unpolluted environment (pollution is another enzyme robber), you are still probably
enzyme deficient and could benefit from proper supplementation. Because they are so vital, we would like
to share with you what to expect when you start supplementing with enzymes.

In general, there can be as much as a 21-day adjustment period before all the marvelous benefits of enzyme
supplementation become apparent. Patience and commitment to this lifestyle change is required of you when
you choose to begin this type of rebuilding and detox of your system. If dealing with weight loss, you may
find that your appetite may fluctuate up or down during the 21-day period but it will balance at a level
to support normal weight for your body.

Also note that, with any long-standing problem, it may take more than the recommended dose at first. You need
to help the body strengthen and heal. Plant enzymes stay in the system until used so there is no waste. There
is no known maximum dosage of the plant enzymes and no known counteractions. However, if you are on a time-release
medication, check with your doctor.

When taking the enzymes, you may also find that foods you used to be allergic to may no longer produce adverse
reactions. Obviously, it is wise to move with caution if you choose to try these foods and it is reasonable
to be on the enzyme formulas for a while before making the individual choice to reintroduce them.

In addition, of course, please check with your chosen physician before trying any food that has caused severe
reaction before.

Regarding food allergies in general: From the perspective of the enzyme specialist, a food allergy is simply
the body’s response to something it cannot digest or sufficiently break down so that the system can utilize
it properly.

Once the enzymes for digesting that type of food (for example, lactase for digesting dairy products or lipase
for digesting fats) are present within the body in sufficient amounts, the allergic reactions will often
decrease or stop altogether.

Again, please note that these ideas are not to be considered a recommendation for trying foods that have caused
severe reactions in the past. Those choices should involve a more thorough consideration and the co-participation
of your chosen healthcare practitioner.

It is our hope that you have chosen a doctor who is willing to work with alternative healthcare in helping
you heal.

The Effects of Long-Term Stress

Whenever we are under long-term stress or dealing with chronic illness, our body over time gets very exhausted,
the immune function lowers and we become severely enzyme-depleted.

If you are dealing with any kind of chronic illness or stress that is consistent in your daily life, you need
to understand that it may take time for the body to repair and rebuild. Allowing your body to heal with require
commitment and patience, and digestive enzymes will make a vast difference.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.