The Yogurt Diet by Ana Luque


Do you want to lose weight?

Improve your health?

Prevent aging or ward off the all-too-common lifestyle diseases sweeping the Western world?

The author of The Yogurt Diet, Ana Luque, feels yogurt could be your answer and may just be the best kept secret to good health.

Eating Yogurt to Improve Your Health

In her 7 chapter, 312 page book The Yogurt Diet, Ana Luque teaches you all about yogurt and how it can dramatically improve your life and health.

From attention span to stomach issues, Luque contends that making yogurt a part of your daily diet can drastically improve health and even prevent the health problems that plague much of the Western world.

YogurtThe Yogurt Diet begins with a journey into the history of yogurt and touches upon its close cousin kefir and its origins. Although yogurt first came into popularity in the early 1900s with Dr. Metchnikov’s groundbreaking study of the Bulgarians and their long life spans, yogurt has probably been around long before then.

The History of Yogurt

Ana Luque chronicles the theory of the development of yogurt; she goes on to talk about what exactly is in yogurt, and how it impacts the digestive tract.

When the digestive tract is functioning at its optimal, we are much more likely to be healthy as our bodies can properly break down and digest foods allowing the nutrients to be absorbed and utilized by the body.

It’s essential that our digestive systems are operating properly for us to have a healthy weight and healthy bodies.

Yogurt and Stomach Bacteria

In The Yogurt Diet, Luque explains how gut bacteria are needed and essential to healthy bodies. She talks in detail about the gut flora and what’s gone wrong in our modern day diet that is making us sick.

I love books that give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the topic and then tools and resources to use so that the reader can act on anything they’ve learned in the book. The Yogurt Diet does just that. Following the informational part of the book, Luque goes on to present a 35 day diet to the reader.

Regime with Recipes Using Yogurt

The Yogurt Diet BookThis 35 day diet is designed to clean and clear out the body first. It is then formulated to restore the body to its optimal functioning ability. The book clearly tells the reader what they can and cannot eat.

Luque also gives a daily eating calendar along with a hefty section on recipes to make.

Although many of the ingredients in the recipes are not ones that are commonly found in the typical Western eaters cabinets, Luque assures the reader that these are easy to make, great tasting, and best of all, healthful meals that will energize and restore your body.

If you’ve ever wondered about yogurt, if you really like yogurt, are looking to lose weight, or just improve your health, The Yogurt Diet is definitely worth a look.

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