The Yin Yoga Kit: The Practice of Quiet Power by Biff Mithoefer

Learn yoga the easy, simple way with The Yin Yoga Kit: The Practice of Quiet Power by Biff Mithoefer, published by Healing Arts Press.

Included in the boxed kit are the guidebook explaining the yoga postures, a helpful 75-minute guided practice CD, and 14 color reference cards.

This is everything you need to begin basic yoga except a mat or towel for the floor and a little bit of self-motivation.

All You Need for Beginning a Yoga Practice

The Yin Yoga Kit is very affordable and allows anyone to become proficient in the beginning skills of yoga.

In 120 pages, the book explains the concepts, benefits, and movements of Yin Yoga from start to finish, including helpful illustrations to allow you to be certain you are performing each yoga posture correctly.

Yin Yoga PosturesContained in the Yin Yoga book are explanations to allow a full understanding of the concepts of this natural healing form of exercise practiced for centuries. For example, the word ‘yoga’ means “to yoke or bind together”. The yin and yang are discussed even though Yin Yoga addresses only the yin aspects.

Qi and the Taoist meridian system are explained as well as the Taoist Chakra system to help readers fully comprehend how and why Yin Yoga can help them feel better and become more physically fit.

How To’s and Benefits of Yin Yoga Postures

Each of the 14 Yin Yoga postures are named, explained, illustrated, and variations discussed. Benefits of each of the yoga postures are outlined as well as the energy meridians that are stimulated by the particular posture, and the Chakras that are affected.

Also, it is very important to read the highlighted box at the end of each posture for cautions so that you do yourself only good when practicing Yin Yoga. Some of the cautions include use of cushions to provide support to potentially weak muscle groups, feelings of stress which might indicate the point to stop stretching, and other cautions necessary to prevent over-stressing muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the body’s mechanical structures.

Yin Yoga PoseThe 14 color reference cards included in the Yin Yoga Kit are great for use after reading the book and having carefully practiced the postures using the complete instructions.

You’ll soon be ready to work from simple reference cards as you enjoy the benefits of the Yin Yoga sessions with ease and success. As you become even more familiar with the Yin Yoga postures, you’ll be ready to work without the reference cards.

Complete Yoga Kit: CD, Book, Cards

The 75-minute practice guide CD provides everything you need to feel confident in your yoga practice. The CD is perfect to use after reading the book, using the reference cards for intermediate learning, and becoming really familiar with how to comfortably perform the postures as you continue your Yin Yoga sessions. Then, you can just pop in the CD from Biff Mithoefer’s The Yin Yoga Kit: The Practice of Quiet Power and enjoy a great yoga session.

Yin Yoga KitThe Yin Yoga Kit: The Practice of Quiet Power by Mithoefer is a perfect recommendation for anyone interested in learning Yin Yoga. It’s great for those who are not comfortable joining and paying for yoga classes and the kit allows you to work at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

The complete package makes a great gift for anyone who has expressed an interest in looking into natural ways to feel better and wishes to find a gentle exercise for better health. You may also want to buy two sets – one for you and one for a friend. You may want to look at yoga and pilates in new york or yoga and pilates in London