Wrinkle reduction simplified: 6 things you did not know

You’ve enjoyed life to the max, perhaps all the sunny days too and one day when you look carefully in the mirror, you notice a few wrinkles. And guess what happens to some people? They get even more wrinkles because they worry about it – not really, but the point is, that with so many treatment options available, it really is no cause for concern.

The good news is that you’re not alone, millions of people are in the same boat – and literally thousands of them opt for wrinkle reduction treatment. Whether you’d like to keep those stunning smile lines and only work on the forehead or frown lines, or do away with most of it is entirely your choice. As with any treatment, there are always pros and cons and it is good to consider them. With Australian medical standards ranking among the highest in the world, a good starting place is look for a specialist with a good reputation and loads of experience.

6 things you may not have known about wrinkle reduction treatment:

There is no downtime:

Around the world, you literally pop into a clinic or a plastic surgeon can even pay you a home visit in some cases, spend less than 45 minutes in most cases – and the procedure is done. No time away from work – that’s great!

Results are visible quite soon:

Within 3 to 5 days patients start seeing results, lasting up to 4 months. Naturally results for each individual may differ, but this is based on the average result for thousands of people worldwide (remember that wrinkle reduction has been going strong since 1978 already).

It will slow down wrinkles in the area where it is treated:

Since the muscles become paralysed around a very specific area, it slows down wrinkling – which typically lasts up to 6 months. With repeat treatment it can even disappear completely.

It is as big in Australia as it is in the US!

Not many people will tell you they have received treatment for wrinkles – besides, we all love it when people think we’re looking young naturally. But it is a huge phenomenon in Australia. In fact just Cosmos Clinic alone provides the treatment in Double Bay (Sydney), Deakin (Canberra), North Adelaide (Adelaide) and Benowa (Gold Coast).

It is used by men and women:

As you can imagine, living in an equal society, this is not just a popular trend with women, but also with men. Aussie men love going for wrinkle treatment – they might not tell you that.

The treatment options extend beyond facial:

The success of the procedure means that it is applied in several cases depending on what the patient needs. For example to reduce excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) or to alter the appearances of jawline shaping, work away neck lines, alter your smile – and even to add contours on your calves if you have large calves which does not appear to be in shape.

You may have your own reasons for requiring treatment. It is always a personal matter which ought to be discussed with a professional. Dr. Joseph Ajaka (MBBS, Sydney) is no stranger to the media and Australians: he is a well respected authority on cosmetic procedures, who appeared on “The morning show”, radio and various conferences. You can reach him at Cosmos Clinic: read more here.

Below is a video of Dr. Ajaka: