Dr. Leia Discusses Acupuncture as Alternative to Facelift Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Leia Discusses Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery Facelifts

Question for Dr. Leia: I am in my 50’s and feel cosmetic surgery facelifts are pretty
scary. Yet I want to diminish wrinkles around my eyes and tone my skin.

Do you have any advice for an alternative to facelift procedures? I use an organic facial cleanser cream to
keep my skin healthy, but what about acupuncture or some type of facelift massage. Do you have any suggestions
on ways to slow down the effects of gravity? Thank you Estella

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Dear Estella, cosmetic surgery for aging has become a very popular
technology in our modern world. As more and more people turn 50 or 60, the ravages of time begin to take
its toll on the body. As you have voiced, the most common complaint seems to be wrinkling and sagging of
the skin on the face and neck. Both heredity and life style habits seem to play a major roll in this aging

Lifestyle habits such as smoking, consuming large amounts of alcohol, sugar, sun tanning and prolonged chronic
exposure to the sun, eating junk food, not getting the proper rest, relaxation, and sleep, and inclement,
dry, arid, windy, or harsh cold climates can help to cause premature aging of the skin.

Believe it or not, Estella, there are safe, effective alternatives to surgical facelift procedures. Acupuncture,
massage, magnetic therapy masks, facial and jaw exercisers, Qigong, yoga, and meditative techniques are all
unusual, little known methods for helping to tone, lift, relax, and add or restore the aura of vibrancy,
glow, and youthfulness to one’s facial countenance.

Many acupuncturists have been specially trained in facial acupuncture, a form of using extra fine, small,
delicate pins which can be inserted in specific acu-points on the face and the body to assist in increasing
the circulation of blood and qi supply to the face. The technique employed is virtually pain-free, and over
a period time after ten, once weekly acupuncture treatments, can provide lift, improve color and circulation,
diminish fine lines, and define a clearer, vibrant, healthier complexion. The pins used are the smallest
available to acupuncturists and include extra fine intradermal needles which are specifically made for use
on the face and other sensitive areas.

The beauty of using acupuncture to help improve your complexion is that the acupuncture sessions are cumulative,
meaning that each session works its magic synergistically with benefits accruing over time. It is generally
recommended that ten sessions be scheduled, one every week for ten weeks, then a re-evaluation of the effects
to see if your goals have been achieved. Then, for maintenance of your “new look”, it is recommended
that you continue a once monthly treatment to maintain this desired result. Of course, all women are individuals
and will respond differently to acupuncture, so there is no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same
or similar results. I feel that the added side effect of facial acupuncture is improved overall total body
health, for which acupuncture is so widely known, and also for many different types of pain relief, muscle
relaxation, and body and joint aches.

Facial massage has been around for a long time, and there are ancient Chinese acupressure
methods and exercises
which have survived throughout the ages. The wonderful thing about acupressure
is that it can be self administered or done by a professional specialist. Either way, it can be relaxing,
rejuvenating, and a fun and enjoyable experience.

You asked about reversing gravity. Acupuncture or acupressure, combined with proper exercise that tones your
muscles and helps you to shed excess fat or weight may be effective in preventing or altering the effects
of gravity upon the body. You may be able to notice that your face and body is leaner, more streamlined,
with more clearly defined muscles and less evident sagging. You might also want to look into reverse gravity
machines, but only if you have no blood pressure or other contra-indicated medical problems. Check with your
physician for his/her advice.

Have fun exploring these and other unusual alternative remedies to cosmetic surgical facelifts and body surgery.