Find Your True Self with Women, Food, and God Online Program

Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth

According to best-selling author Geneen Roth, food and how we eat is a direct reflection of our perspectives of love, of fear, of change, and even of spirituality.

In The Women, Food, and God Online Workshop: A Path of Transformation (Sounds True) Roth seeks to give participants the opportunity to discover what’s really nourishing their attitudes and beliefs.

Roth offers discussions and various techniques that help participants during their paths of self-discovery and authenticity.

Author Geneen Roth

Says Roth: “Your relationship to food is an unexpected path to almost everything.” For over three decades, she has helped thousands of people develop healthy habits using various meditations, self-inquiry techniques, and beneficial guidelines for natural eating. An author of eight books, Roth communicates the importance of self-inquiry and transformation through her writing and the various seminars and workshops she conducts.Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth

One of Roth’s best-selling books includes Women, Food, and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything (Scribner). In this book, Roth discusses how eating is the same practice as any other addiction, and unhealthy eating habits are formed to cover up, deny, or avoid emotions.

Not necessarily a diet book, Roth’s goal is to encourage readers to OPT IN to life. In fact, Roth wants readers to eat whatever they want, but challenges them to look into what they’re really craving or needing to fulfill. Her practical advice is about a journey of self-discovery.

What The Workshop Covers

Roth wants participants to grow awareness of themselves in order to challenge the old and often negative patterns of decision-making. She encourages this in the four educational sessions of The Women, Food, and God program:

  1. Inhabiting Your Body: In this session, participants learn to listen to their bodily cues in order to avoid compulsive eating. Roth also teaches belly meditation as a method of getting in touch with emotions and the physical self.
  2. Open Curiosity—A Path to Inner Discovery: This discovery includes identifying with one’s own body using what Roth calls “key ingredients”: openness, self-love, and compassion. The goal is to realign with one’s true nature by asking insightful questions such as, “What am I really hungry for?” and “Do I see myself for who I really am?” and more.
  3. “The Voice” and How to Work with It: The Voice—the inner critic inside everyone’s mind—inflicts shame and guilt and sucks away one’s personal power. Roth teaches in this session techniques to combat the Voice in order to feel strong and energetic about one’s health and wellness choices.
  4. Discovering Our Divine Essence: When people are hungry for something else besides food, they will eat. Roth describes both controller and permitter compulsive eaters and how to use her seven eating guidelines to rediscover a relaxing and nutritious approach to eating.

Program to Transform Your Habits

Geneen Roth's Women, Food, and God Online ProgramIn each session, along with Roth’s techniques and tips on self-improvement, she includes guided mediations to practice. There is an informative question and answer section in each of these four sessions as well.

Roth’s The Women, Food, and God Online Workshop is a journey of self-discovery that embraces asking ones self the questions that are often ignored. This is a program that will help participants learn to respect their bodies and nourish them in a way that also feeds the mind and soul as well.

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