Animal Medicine: Wolf Medicine Teaching from My Friend Tasha

Animal Medicine: Wolf Medicine Teachings

This is a beautiful article from Tasha on Wolf Medicine teachings sharing how animal medicine may enrich your

I am suddenly ravenously hungry.

I sent my husband a note asking for food and food came.

It is so good. I am wolfing it down. I suddenly remember that I have placed Bahk and Sunke’s hair (both Full-Blood
wolves) under my pillow for dreamtime and healing help. Could it be their appetite I am feeling?

I begin to eat in a more and more primitive way, focusing on the energy of the food going into my body. I
have never felt this awareness of food as energy like this before. I am totally and completely focused on
the food. The food is all I know. I am aware of the need for food at the cellular level. I begin to feel
less and less human as I stoop over the bowl of food, literally shoveling it into my mouth.

I begin to feel like a wolf. Then I know. I am not just wolf, but Tasha. I feel her anguish, her pain. My
throat aches to howl. I suppress it because it feels like I might never come back if I do, but there is no
stopping the sound. I began to howl and feel my humanness slip from my own brain.

“I am wolf. I am in pain. I am trapped with my choices taken away. It is not panic or fear that I feel,
as much as grief unto death. I am dying.

I pace back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Where is Bahk? Where is my mate? He is in another place.
I am alone. I am half. I am dying.”

Dear God, let this be a healing for Tasha. Please God, let it release through me and be gone from her forever.

This experience occurred in my Moon Lodge. I had returned from a trip which included a Stop-Over to meet some
relatives I had been corresponding with by e-mail. At the Hokshichankiya farm, I had the incredible experience
of meeting, and even hugging, Full-Blood wolves. Wolf medicine had been coming to me for about four months
before this visit, in Sweat Lodges and through people I met, so I knew this meeting was a part of that medicine.
I knew Spirit was sending me the wisdom of Wolf, to help with the new directions opening up in my life.

It was a tremendous experience, meeting Sunke, Bakh and Tasha. If you ever have the chance to attend a Hokshichankiya
gathering, I know you will enjoy the land, the people, and the Spirit there. Since our initial visit, Bakh
has passed over to the other side, but still continues to help me with my healing work, whenever I ask. Thank
you, Bakh. Sunke was the most domesticated of the three, having lived with the other dogs there. Bakh was
a 200 pound male and Tasha, his mate. Both Bakh and Tasha had been abused and Tasha was still extremely cautious
and fearful. We were with them for quite a long time before Tasha would let us touch her. Each time, she
would cower. No matter how loving was our approach, Tasha feared. She touched my heart that day. I did not
know how much she would continue to touch me.

In the Lodge that day, something happened that had never occurred before. I was asked to integrate an emotional
imbalance for an Animal Relative. Although I had done Reiki for injured animals and had utilized herbal remedies
to help them, I had never facilitated an emotional release. It was one of the most difficult things I have
ever done. They only know “Now.” Whatever is now, is forever to them. This is even far beyond what
a baby feels when traumatized. The emotional depth of it has no equal that I have experienced. Tasha’s grief,
fear, and loneliness was beyond anything I have ever known.

I share this, as I share all spiritual insight from Moon Lodge, because I know I may not be the only one who
goes through it and I want to offer the benefit of experience to those who may struggle as I have with the
enormity of the task. When we open ourselves to receive the teachings of Non-Human teachers, we are connected
to them in new ways. Those who walk the Good Red Road are well aware of the lessons from those who walk not
on two legs.

Thanks to books like Animal
Speak by Ted Andrews, and to those Native-American Elders who are opening the ways of Sacred Living
to those of the Rainbow Nation, many are becoming aware of animal medicine for the first time.

Many are recognizing the existence of Power
Animals or Animal
Totems in their lives. These are animals that have qualities we need to look at, learn about, or
integrate into our beingness. They come to us in dreamtime , in our meditations and in the waking world,
with messages about our path. When we accept them as teachers, they change us. The awareness they bring
alters us forever. In my case, with Wolf, I gained a new empathy and understanding of the Spirit of the
Animal. I also learned a new skill as a healer. These were Tasha’s gifts to me. I only pray that I am
able to give back to her, a portion of the gifts I have received from her.

If you often dream of wolves, are drawn to them, or just want to learn more about their particular wisdom
teachings, I’d recommend working with the SunMoon Wolf Totem Essence, which was
made from a gift of Bakh’s fur and contains his blessing and medicines. If you haven’t already, I’d also
suggest ordering and reading the books by Ted Andrews.

This story excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook