Review of Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs

I’ve discovered the hottest weight loss secret of the stars.

Winsor Pilates is to weight loss what alternative medicine is to health.

Many diet and exercise programs promise rapid weight loss. Winsor Pilates delivers with its unique approach.

The best part of all, I get to take advantage of this ground breaking workout system right in my own home. If you’re pressed for time and budget minded, but ready to experience accelerated fat burning and superior muscle toning, it’s time to get your hands on a Winsor Pilates exercise program.


Fast and Fun At Home Exercise

If you’re looking for a fast and fun way to exercise, yet want to change your body shape, Winsor Pilates delivers. Yes, you really can get fit in 20 minutes a day and only 3 times a week. The Winsor Pilates system builds strength and endurance while stripping fat from your body.

Pilates Chair PictureI first was introduced to Pilates years ago when I bought a Pilates machine on sale. Pilates equipment, including the Malibu Pilates chair, Pilates Power gym, and Pilates reformer, can be quite expensive. So I was thrilled with my discount purchase. I was also thrilled with my results. Pilates made my body more toned, slimmed my waist, and I lost inches.

Winsor Pilates Circle

I discovered Winsor Pilates through a late night infomercial. I’m always trying the latest workouts and ordered the 20 Minute Winsor Pilates Circle Workout the very next day. I was already a fan of Pilates and figured Mari Winsor’s Pilates program would be much the same. I was surprised to find that Winsor Pilates was a novel approach not only to Pilates but also to getting fit fast.

Winsor Pilates CircleAfter only one session of Winsor Pilates I felt all my muscles were worked. What amazed me is that my abs burned. I’ve done scores of abdominal workouts over the years and I rarely felt anything. But Mari Winsor’s easy 20 minute workout made my abs beg for mercy. If you’re looking to get those six pack abs, or the flat stomach we all want, this is the system for you.

I know several of my sports nutrition clients who had been using standard Pilates exercises for years. After trying Winsor Pilates they were literally blown away. Even fit people are pleased with the results. They can’t get over the ease with which they’re achieving such phenomenal changes in their physiques.

Weight Loss Secret That Sticks – Using the Sculpting Circle

A friend of mine couldn’t seem to stick to a work out plan no matter what she tried. After giving Winsor Pilate a try she was hooked and has continued to use it regularly for over two years. In just a month she went from a size 12 to a size 8. That’s one size lost every two weeks. The best part, everyone I know who tries Winsor Pilate sticks with it. They easily lose the weight they want and keep it off.

Mari Winsor has developed a highly efficient technique known as dynamic sequencing that allows you to tighten and tone your entire body in a minimum amount of time. Both muscle toning and aerobic fitness are achieved with Pilates. This combination is the weight loss secret celebrities rely upon to achieve their fabulous physiques.

One of the most effective tools of Winsor Pilates is the Sculpting Circle. This lightweight tool provides increased resistance for the fastest results. The Sculpting Circle workout is designed to target your trouble spots including inner and outer thighs, stomach, upper arms, and chest. This is one of the effective workouts ever, and the best part is you can do it anywhere. The Winsor Pilates Sculpting Circle workout is the perfect take anywhere exercise routine for the traveler.

Pilates Ab Scultping Workout

Ab Sculpting WorkoutWhile all of Mari’s Winsor Pilates workouts target abdominals, several are specifically designed just for your abs. Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting Workout is the fastest way to a flatter, defined midsection. In Pilates, the midsection is referred to as your “powerhouse” and the techniques employed by Winsor Pilates achieve leaner, longer muscles throughout your body. These moves are specifically useful for getting a sleeker, sexier stomach.

Winsor Pilates Power Sculpting with Resistance Abs is remarkable for delivering a Pilates studio quality workout at home, or in your hotel or guest suite. This 18 minute workout takes your abdominal workouts to the next level. Mari Winsor’s specialized routine delivers not only a Pilates studio caliber workout without the expensive equipment, she eases you through this workout in just minutes. The Winsor Pilates Sculpting Band is the key to this workout’s phenomenal results. It’s designed to provide the right amount of resistance no matter what your fitness level.

Winsor Exercise Series

All of Winsor Pilates workouts in the series are designed around 12 exercises including:

  • The Hundred
  • The Roll Up
  • Single Leg Circles
  • Rolling Ball
  • The Roll-over
  • Single Leg Stretch
  • Double Leg Stretch
  • Single Straight Leg
  • Double Straight Leg
  • The Criss Cross
  • Spine Stretch
  • Little Bit of Heave

Mari guides you through the best nutritional choices for fat loss and a flat stomach. Her Win-In-10 Meal Plan with recipes is an easy to follow nutrition plan designed to achieve easy weight loss. You’ll eat delicious foods you like that fuel weight loss. My favorite recipes are her Mediterranean Lamb Chops, and Pizza Bagel.

Winsor Pilates Workout for Every Body

I own all 22 DVDs available in the Winsor Pilates line, and I enjoy the variety of my collection. From the fast, no nonsense 20 Minute Workout to the Maximum Burn Advanced Series, there’s truly a Winsor Pilates workout for every body at every fitness level.

Pilates, particularly Mari Winsor designed workouts, is an appropriate exercise program for many people with physical challenges including arthritis, diabetes, back pain and other issues. Pilates prenatal videos are often recommended for pregnant women. Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

I suffer from sacroiliac joint pain and Pilates actually helps relieve my pain. Pilates gently manipulates your back for improved circulation and function. People with SI joint pain have long been known to benefit from Pilates.

If you want a stronger, sexier back, and improved flexibility The Back Workout is a great way to accomplish this goal. In just 20 minutes you’ll loosen up the tight areas of your back and achieve better posture. Improved posture has been shown to relieve tension and pain.

Winsor Pilates Ball Workout

Whatever your favorite exercise style, Winsor Pilates has a workout for you.

Winsor Ball WorkoutIf you love using an exercise ball, the Winsor Pilates Ball Workout has an entire series of ball exercises designed to target your abs, legs, inner thighs, arms, and hips.

You will improve your balance while toning your body.

Pilates For Men

Winsor Pilates For Men improves strength and muscle definition, while target training for the endurance and flexibility necessary for better sports performance.

Professional basketball, football, and baseball teams incorporate Pilates into their training programs because they know athletes benefit from these routines.

Winsor Pilates For Men is a 45 minute full body workout designed for use with or without free weights. Guys will be surprised at the effectiveness of this kick butt workout

Winsor Pilates Endless Fitness

This series includes Maximum Burn Cardio, specifically designed to raise your heart rate and make you burn calories and fat.

Easy-to-follow dance moves will have you grooving to a Calypso beat.

You’ll reshape your body with the Pilates fundamentals in this energizing workout. This is a favorite in our household.

Maximum Burn: Body Slimming & Sculpting Series

Pilates Sculpting Workout

Learn More About the Super Sculpting Workout

Maximum Burn series features Super Sculpting Advanced, and Body Slimming.

Winsor Pilates Body Slimming targets the areas of your body that need attention the most. In 20 minutes you’ll get a superior total body workout.

Super Sculpting Advanced burns even more calories and gives you a 45 minute total body workout.

Men and women will achieve phenomenal results in a minimum amount of time.

Best Pilates Training

While free Pilates and Pilates sample exercises are available online they don’t offer the expert instruction and precise dynamic sequencing Mari Winsor developed. You can bank on Winsor Pilates to provide the best Pilates training.

I firmly believe Winsor Pilates is the best thing to happen to the world of Pilates since Joseph Pilates created this unique approach to exercise.

Mari Winsor developed her unique version of Pilates. She’s been teaching it for 20 years in her two exclusive, highly sought after Pilates studios in Los Angeles. She offers at home exercisers the same benefits once exclusive to the rich and famous.

Mari Winsor is one of the most sought after trainers by big stars and celebrities who must maintain flawless figures. Many celebrities swear by Winsor Pilates. It’s a celebrity weight loss sensation that began in Hollywood and went on to take the world by storm with its superior approach to in-home workouts.

I love it! I stay in top shape by turning on my DVD player and popping in a Winsor Pilates workout. Mari is there to guide me through an effective, gentle workout in just 20 minutes. I achieved the body I wanted without leaving home, and you can too.