Water catalyst benefits – Willard Water information

Water Catalysts – Information about Willard Water

Learn About a Water Catalyst the enhances the quality of water
in amazing ways.

I first learned of Willard Water from a friend who used it. I was being hosted at her home for some healing appointments and she had a gallon made up. She said to help myself and I did. I really liked it. The first effect I noticed was that I wanted more water than normal.

I later learned this is common among people introduced to Willard Water because,
as a water catalyst, it makes water wetter, easier to absorb by the cells. The second noticeable effect was better elimination. Better colon health and regularity are among the most commonly reported benefits that regular Willard Water users report. Below, are some others more commonly reported:

The Effects of Willard’s Water, Submitted by Willard Water Users

  1. Cold hands and feet aren’t cold anymore.(Better circulation?)
  2. Sleeping better and often seemingly dreaming more (or remembering dreams better) a sign of better sleep.
  3. Improved regularity (ending chronic constipation for many people, and ending chronic diarrhea in others).
  4. Better absorption of foods kernels of corn no longer visible in their stools.
  5. More alert, better memory, a feeling of being more alive or a general feeling of wellness.
  6. Fewer aches & pains.
  7. More energy.
  8. Better condition of hair & nails.
  9. Better complexion and color.
  10. Dealing with stress better (indicated by less nervous eating; fewer sleep problems, etc.)
  11. Fewer colds, flu, and other such problems—and getting over them quicker.
  12. Quicker-than-usual recovery from surgeries & healing of broken bones.
  13. If they quit drinking Willard Water, eventually they say they realize they’re feeling again like they did before
    the water, and then realize it really was helping them.
  14. Finding that nutritional supplements seem to be working better—often getting the same results, taking less of the supplements. Also finding that many other personal care items also work better, when using WW with them—from
    shampoos, conditioners, and skin moisturizers to toothpaste.
  15. Increased ‘feeling of wellness’ and being generally happier and more alive.
  16. Feeling more spiritually at peace—As one user puts it: It’s easier to be closer to God when I’m not hurting,
    constipated or fighting for sleep!

Can Water Be Wetter?

Ever heard of Willard Water? It’s basically a holistic health product that works by altering drinking water.

At first glance, the ingredients don’t sound too appetizing (at least, in the dark version, which is the kind I
personally use. I’ve tried both the clear and dark and find the dark more effective).

Reports from users are that the dark version has stronger results for those with diabetes) but basically, it is
altered water.(Main Ingredients: Water, CAW Micelle, fossilized organics. CAW Micelle contains sodium meta silicate,
sulfated castor oil, calcium chloride, and magnesium sulfate).

The alteration, or change, creates several beneficial results which have been documented but cannot be easily explained,
given the ingredients.

Willard Water has also been extensively tested for safety and no negative information exists from those tests. In
other words, it cannot be proven to do harm and many, many people say it does good.

The reported benefits of Willard Water include increased absorption and utilization of minerals and increased elimination
of toxins.

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Is Bottle Water Safer Than Tap Water?

Judging by the price, you’d assume the answer would be yes but it is not clear whether you are any better off drinking
bottled water.

This is because current laws only require that bottled water be as good as tap water. That’s pretty scary, knowing
the state of tap water in many cities.

Also, all carbonated or sparkling waters are completely exempt from FDA guidelines that set specific contamination

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