Wild Yam Is Not Progesterone, Learn How Wild Yam Aid in Hormonal Balance

Significance of Wild Yam and How it Aids Hormonal Balance

What is Wild Yam and How is it Used to Aid in Hormonal Balance?

Some people think that Wild Yam Extract is Progesterone but it isn’t. Wild Mexican Yam contains significant
concentrations of diosgenin, which is one of nature’s finest sources of natural progesterone.

Natural progesterone is found in other plants as well, but not in amounts significant enough to be of value.
Diosgenin is converted into Natural Progesterone scientifically.

How Diosgenin Becomes Natural Progesterone

There are no enzymes in the human body that will convert diosgenin, which is the active component of wild
yams into progesterone so, it is done scientifically in labs. Diosgenin is still very useful in the body
and has been used by phytotherapists for centuries as an adaptogen.

By the early 1950’s progesterone – like chemical compounds were found in thousands of plants with the most
abundant precursor concentration being in the wild yam. It was found that the simple addition of hydrochloric
acid and warm water coverts diosgenin to natural progesterone. The progesterone produced in this way is natural
and exactly the same chemically, as human progesterone.

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