Why you should see a dentist every six months

You should visit a dentist every six months because they can detect cavities, tooth decay, and other issues before it’s too late. If you don’t maintain your teeth properly by having them cleaned regularly, then those problems could end up costing more than just paying for the visit!

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Why Going To The Dentist For Regular Cleanings Is Important

We all know that coming to see the dentist can be costly, but not getting regular cleanings could cost you more in the long run. Many people don’t understand why they must visit a dentist regularly, and we’re here to remind you!

What A Dentist Can Detect:

Gingivitis is an inflammation in the gums that can cause swelling in them, bleeding in them, and it could lead to receding gums.

– Tooth Decay: cavities are highly uncomfortable for patients that have them because once they start, they can cause discomfort when you eat certain foods, when you drink anything cold or hot, when you rinse your mouth with water, etc. The cavity could spread to the point where it can even cause you pain when you breathe!

– Periodontal Disease: this is an infection in the gum tissue that causes inflammation. It’s often found along with gingivitis and can lead to bleeding of the gums, bad breath, loosening teeth, loss of teeth, or even bone damage!

Your Santa Rosa Dentist Can Help You With Any Of These Issues

Suppose your dentist in Santa Rosa detects any of these issues during a regular checkup. In that case, they will address them immediately so that you don’t have to deal with any unpleasant symptoms. If left untreated for too long, both gingivitis and tooth decay can lead to more severe conditions like arthritis that are harder to manage.

Why You Need To Visit Regularly

If you wait until the problem gets terrible to seek treatment, you can expect to pay more because it will take more time, and treatments that involve surgery will likely cost more than just a regular cleaning! Your Santa Rosa dentist and staff will give you advice, tips, and information on properly looking after your teeth so that you’re not in pain and discomfort.

Every six months, visit your Santa Rosa dentist for a checkup – remember that if it hurts – say something! You should always speak up when there is something wrong or uncomfortable with your mouth or teeth because it could lead to much bigger problems down the road.