Why You Need Pregnancy-Specific Shoes

Why You Need Pregnancy-Specific Shoes

For most women, learning that you are expecting a planned child can be very exciting. However, most women don’t expect or fully realize the drastic changes your body will go through during pregnancy. Bloating, weight gain, as well as back and leg strain are all too common for pregnant women. These issues are only made worse by swollen feet. Without the proper footwear, pregnancy symptoms can be very uncomfortable, and swollen feet and back pain will only become worse. In addition, many pregnant women actually go up a shoe size during pregnancy and it can take a year or longer to revert back to your pre-pregnancy shoe size. That is why owning pregnancy shoes is incredibly important. 


Pregnancy shoes allow women to feel comfortable during the day while accomplishing the things they need to. Many women don’t have the luxury of taking time off when expecting. Having pregnancy shoes that support your swollen feet and lower back is incredibly helpful for alleviating the pain of being on your feet all day or walking around. 


While most shoe brands advertise comfort, flexibility, and support, pregnant women looking for the right shoes should be aware of what exactly they need to be looking for. Finding brands specifically for pregnant women is the best option. This way you can be sure that you have something designed for a pregnant body, no matter what trimester you may be in. Still, whether you are buying a brand tailored for pregnant women or not, there are a few crucial elements that need to be designed into the shoe to provide you maximum comfort and support. 


The first priority to look for in a good pregnancy specific shoe is stability. Doctors often advise pregnant women to avoid wearing heels of any height. The reason being they perch the ankles in a precarious position and a fall could be harmful to both mother and baby. Most high heels do not provide the correct support or stability for pregnant women anyway. Pregnant or not, many women know already that heels aren’t the most comfortable shoes to start out with anyway. 


Look for a shoe that provides robust ankle support and has a relatively flat bottom, meaning the ball and heel of the foot should feel firm and balanced on the ground. Ankles count too—find a shoe that makes your ankles feel stable when walking. Just be sure that the stability is coming from the design, not from a shoe being too tight. This can cause poor circulation and swelling to worsen. 



The next feature to look out for is an obvious one, comfort. Finding comfort when you are carrying a child is hard enough. Comfortable shoes can provide a lot of relief to mothers while walking or if they are on their feet for a long period of time. In a shoe, comfort comes in the form of flexibility and support. You want to look for a shoe that adequately supports your arches. This will help distribute your extra weight while walking. Good arch support takes the weight of the ball and heel of the foot allowing for less strain on your feet. 


Flexibility is crucial for pregnant women as your feet are likely to change throughout your pregnancy. During the day, your feet may swell. An inflexible shoe will make you feel as though the shoe is tightening as your feet swell. A flexible shoe will expand with your feet keeping you comfortable and allowing for good circulation.  A good rule of thumb is to purchase a shoe that is a half size or more larger than your normal size. This being said, still make sure the shoe fits comfortably if it’s larger. You do not want any blistering during the day as this will only make walking more painful.


The last thing to keep an eye out for is construction. We all like to purchase things that will last, and shoes are no stranger to normal wear and tear. However, with pregnancy, many women experience their shoes wearing out faster than they did pre-pregnancy. You want to purchase a shoe that will last you through your pregnancy. This means looking for a shoe that is of quality construction and is durable. Most doctors will recommend women look for a tennis shoe for its optimal support and durability. Plus, tennis shoes often are made with breathable material which should help control heat and sweating. 

Find Your Fit

Being pregnant can be very exciting for some. In order to make the most of your pregnancy and the highs and lows, make sure you have a good pair of shoes to get you through. There are many great brands out there that are made specifically for pregnant women. This is often the best bet because these shoes are designed with pregnant women’s symptoms in mind. Most of the time, you can be sure that the shoe will be durable, flexible, stable and even stylish. Take care of your baby and your body with a good pair of shoes.