Why It’s Hard To Maintain Weight Loss

Losing weight is hard. Around 70% of Americans are trying to lose weight. Losing weight so hard is that our bodies are programmed to gain weight! This is because our body has evolved to fight off periods of famine, so it stores fat calories whenever it can! Your body is built to keep fat calories because this helps human beings reproduce. The reason why obesity is a problem today is that whereas in the past, people led active lives and had less access to ready food, today, we are mainly sedentary, and food and snacks are everywhere.


Your Body’s Natural Defense Mechanism


Although losing weight is relatively easy given sufficient calory reduction and proper nutrition, keeping your weight down is much harder and requires attention. Indeed, non-obese people find it just as hard to maintain a small amount of weight loss as obese people maintain a large amount of weight loss.

Once you’ve lost weight, your body’s biological system conspires to have you gain that weight again. When you lose weight, your metabolism declines, and you start to feel hungrier, and this will likely remain so long as you keep your weight down.

So if you want to keep your weight, you will have to fight off your body’s natural impulse to regain that lost weight before you can toss your clothes in your pods portable storage and start a new life.


How to Keep Your Weight Down


The metabolism slows down in different ways for different people. So, any approach to lose and maintaining weight has to be personalized. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reducing and maintaining weight.

It has to be said that bodyweight is to a large degree good for your health. However, there’s a reason why your body tries to gain weight. The problem is when your weight goes above a certain level. So before attempting to reduce or maintain your weight level, speak to your health care professional so they can help you figure out your optimal weight. Your body mass index (BMI) will give you some guidance on your ideal weight.

Research by the National Weight Control Registry has followed more than 100,000 people who have reduced their weight and maintained that weight loss. The range of weight loss is 30 to 100 lbs. The range of time in which people have lost weight is one year to 66 years! Some people have lost weight very quickly, while others have lost weight over 14 years.


Healthy Habits To Adopt


This study shows that 78% of these people have breakfast every day; 75% check their weight every day; 62% of them watch no more than 10 hours of TV a week. Significantly, 90% of them exercise an hour a day.


The Final Word

Exercising is an essential ingredient in your weight loss campaign, and it’s also a critical element of your efforts to maintain weight. It’s also necessary to eat right, but what you eat has to be tailored to your body. You should also reduce your calorie intake, using intermittent fasting or some kind of diet to keep your weight down.