Why Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is So Important

We, humans, are a busy sort. From the time our soles touch the floor, we’re off to the races, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Breakfast is usually skipped in favor of our favorite Joe of choice; caffeine inspired. Endorphins fire and we’re energized and ready for the day’s challenge.

But for many of us, this wide-awake scenario begins with a certain slow-moving sluggishness and continues throughout the workday. While it’s normal to experience a temporary mid-morning lull in activity, excessive sleepiness is a cause of concern. Good sleep is so important.


5 Signs We Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

1. Restlessness 

We’ve all experienced it. After enjoying our second late-night talk show, we glance over at the clock on the nightstand and are surprised at the time. As we toss and turn we so want to go to sleep, but somehow just can’t get there. All the while knowing come morning we will surely feel lethargic. This seemingly up-all-night routine could signal something is amiss.

2. Constant Yawning

This one will most likely be pointed out and brought to our attention by kindhearted co-workers, jokingly at first, followed by one of empathy. After a round-robin series of possible causes, a myriad of home remedies may be suggested. During a visit, a close friend may show you her new best queen mattress and conclude that the bed helped her fall asleep easily at night.

3. Not Firing on All Cylinders

In meetings, your normally quick-thinking self may feel almost scatterbrained as you struggle to grasp easily simple-to-grasp concepts. Your former and relied upon rational decision making self has left you. To make matters worse, you’ve noticed furrowed brows on the faces of meeting attendees.

4. Extreme Irritability

In social situations, you suddenly snap during conversations with those within the group. This crankiness will be immediately pointed out by our keeping it real friends, “I’ve gotta say, that was so unlike you.” To be fair, there are causal agents, such as having low blood sugar levels, that could explain a person being ill-mannered. But in terms of going to the most likely source, Occam’s razor tells us restlessness should be considered as a possible reason.

5. A Reduced Libido

Let’s face it, humans are social creatures. We love to mingle and welcome our social interaction with others. Along with good fitness and lifestyle, so too our love lives play a major part in what makes us feel connected to those close to us. A lack of sleep will become a real downer to those connected to us.

Any sure-fire solution to redress this most important aspect of our lives is sure to be welcomed. This is not a trivial matter. For left unaddressed, a lack of sleep could carry over into other parts of our well-being—namely our mental outlook. Getting a good night’s sleep simply helps us focus and see things clearly.

There is a reason we comfortably sit at the apex in the animal kingdom. It’s because of that always processing organ that is housed within our head: our brain. And this organic computer is always running in real-time, even when we don’t realize it because our subconscious is always keeping score.

Psychologists tell us nothing is truly forgotten. What is experienced remains, filed somewhere within our brain, and sometimes emerges again as a form of deja vu.

Other Reasons a Good Night’s Sleep Is Important

  • Studies have shown poor sleep is linked to weight gain
  • Doctors agree that a lack of sleep causes overeating
  • Sleep imbalance weakens your immune system
  • Not sleeping at night could cause you to doze off while driving

The I-Word

Insomnia is at the root of it all. Let’s just go ahead and call it what it is. Whether temporary or in its extreme cases, this on/off wakefulness can take hold of any of us if we’re not mindful and in tune with our body’s clock.

To be sure, the consequences are many. What’s important is to recognize the signs early. In this way, you can get on top of what’s changed in your normal life routine. Take care of the matter before the issue has the chance to escalate and allow you to once again get a good night’s restful sleep. The takeaway benefit is the restorative powers to your health well being.