Why Apple Stem Cells Are Used In The Best Anti-Aging Creams

If you are wondering what is so important about stem cells, and why they would have any effects on anti-aging, here is what you need to know. Stem cells are different from other cells in that they can go through numerous cycles and cell divisions while maintaining an undifferentiated state. In other words, they don’t age. As we get older, we lost the number of stem cells in our body which is why we begin to show signs of aging. Other cells in our body begin to die off as we get older. They multiply and change and what we see when we look in the mirror is the side affects of our bodies beginning to wear down at the cellular level.

Apple Stem Cells Anti-Aging Creams

Whether it be from internal strain, environmental issues or other health variables, stem cells are fragile and must be protected in order to truly protect ourselves from preliminary aging. We can use creams and serums to protect us from losing elastin and boosting collagen production, but at the end of the day, we are still not preserving our youth in a way that does not just combat the signs of aging, but that inhibits it from happening. If we are no longer able to form our own stem cells after they are lost as well age, we can acquire stem cells from something that has a longer shelf life than we do, almost like transferring the fountain of youth. New cosmetic science has found that apple stem cells could be the key ingredient in evolving skin care that can help us prevent aging and keep our skin looking young and fresh for longer.

Swiss Apple Discoveries

Up until not long ago, this tart and unappealing strand of Swiss apples called the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, were not taken much more than a second glance. This was until Swiss scientists began to notice that these apple trees and the unpicked apples on them outlasted other strands of apple trees for months on end. Some of the originally planted trees dated back to as long ago as the 18th century and were still producing vibrant and healthy apples. The scientists were quick to experiment by pricking the bark and peel of the trees and unpicked apples which they then noticed how they trees and apples healed themselves quickly and with very little evidence. What made this variety of apples different from others, what caused them to outlast longer than the rest and heal themselves so efficiently?

What Are Apple Stem Cells?

What scientists discovered about these specific strand of apples is that their stem cells acted much like human stem cells in the way they would rejuvenate and repair skin tissue. The skin of an apple was acting much like the skin of a human and these apple stem cells that this strand of apple produced, kept these apples fresh and vibrant for much longer than other strand of apples meaning that these specific apple stem cells were not breaking down or dying as fast as others. The average human skin cells begins to deplete after a certain age, which is why we notice our skin start to show signs of aging, wrinkles form, skin sags, and we lose elasticity.

It is a natural process that our bodies go through and some people experience this all at different rates. So Swiss scientists began to harvest these stem cells to see if they could act as a replacement for our own lost skin cells and would counteract the signs of aging. With some work they were able to use these apple stem cells into a cream or serum and use it as anti aging properties in skin care. With that discovery the apples became a very rare commodity. But advancement in cosmetic science has lead to a plant cell culture technology with replicates these same apple stem cells and can be used in many forms of skin care as a way of counteracting signs of anti aging.

Advancements In Skin Care

The properties in these Swiss apple stem cells that has now been adapted by skin care companies is a potent concentrate known as Malus Domestica. These are the harvested apple stem cells that have been converted into a liquid and combined with other natural skin care properties to create anti-aging creams and serums. The patented ingredients like hyaluronic acid, hexapeptide-8 and pentapeptide-3 are all properties that have been proven to fight and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other side affects of aging. Solvaderm Stemuderm has these action packed properties, as well as Malus Doestica (Swiss apple stem cell concentrate) and natural anti-aging properties like Jojoba seed oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Squalane.

All of which are proven ingredients to prevent and reverse signs of aging on skin. Much of skin care has been about medical and over the counter products that often had harmful side effects, but with the advancement in skin care today, scientists are learning how to draw from the natural remedies and enhance them to create products that are both good for your skin and effective in anti-aging tests. Some of the most proven properties in apple stem cell research is showing that using a product like Stemuderm can combat skin aging, extend the life cycle of vital cells and make skin appear more youthful by promoting collage production and elasticity. Clients who used Swiss apple stem cell products like Stemuderm found that after only eight weeks of use they found that their fine lines have softened and their wrinkles reduced in depth by up to 70%.

Stemuderm reviews shows that when looking for a complete skin care regimen, this anti-aging product is the best way to get the most out of the apple stem cell benefits as well as many of the other advancements in skin care technology. Creams and serums that host a wide range of natural ingredients to boost and support the healthy and holistic form of skin care is a great compliment to other medical ingredients. Stemuderm has captured the earths natural form of preservation and a “fountain of youth” by extracting stem cells that will outlive our own skin cells and applying them to a skin care regimen that incorporates them into our everyday life and keeps us looking younger longer.