Which Workout Products are Right for Your Body

Working out is something everyone should be doing. But what we do for workouts differs greatly for each and every one of us!

This is because we each have different body types, meaning each of our bodies has different needs. In a pre-Covid world, didn’t you notice how different body types always seemed to be on different types of equipment? There are those sprinting it out on the treadmill, those repping it out on the TRK, and those pumping it out on the weights.

So how do you know what type of workout and workout products are right for your body? Did you know that if you had two different body types doing the same exact workout with the same exact effort, the results for both of those bodies would likely be very different!

That is why we’ve created the ultimate guide for your home gym, so you can choose the best workout products that are truly right for your body and will give you the absolute best result!

  1. A morph of multiple body types

If you are a morph of varied body types, which most people actually are, then the Kayezen products are best for you! This is because their workout products come with the ability to do a range of varied training with various weights. When you are able to mix up the workouts throughout the week, your body type will likely be continuously shocked and you will be able to maintain lower body fat as a result.

  1. A pear-shaped body type

For those that have a common pear-shaped body type, the workout equipment that enables you to do full-body workouts is the best one for you. Not only do you want equipment that enables you to get this full-body workout, but also allows you to build muscle. This is important because this type of bodyweight needs to continually build muscle to avoid putting on body fat instead. The best type of equipment is moderately weighted ones that allow you to do higher volumes of repetitions.

  1. A naturally thin body type

If you have a naturally thin body type, you will need heavier equipment to try to build that muscle! For this, you need to focus on getting equipment that enables you to do quality reps rather than quantity. This equipment should be easy to take rests from as you will be wanting to max out the weights and also give your muscles plenty of time to recover! These bodies also will want extra recovery equipment as well, like a foam roller!

  1. Every body type

While there are specific exercises that specific body types should be focusing on, it is equally important that all body types get a range of workouts and exercises in. That is why you should diversify the type of equipment you use so that your body never becomes complacent. The key to any body remaining strong and fit is to constantly be able to shock the body with the exercises you are doing! You want to have that sore feeling as it means your body is continually getting better and improving.

When it comes to getting equipment for your body type, each type will have varied needs—specifically around how heavy the equipment should be. But there is also a great range of workout products that offer a diverse selection of equipment pieces that will get all body types great results.

So when it comes to choosing what is right for you, get the equipment that also inspires you and is something that is easy to incorporate into your workout plans!