Which Herbal Tonic is Right for You?

Nowadays, taking a more natural and herbal approach to health and wellness is a whole lot easier. Several people have opted to use a variety of herbal tonic to support overall health, wellness, and vitality, as well as to address specific medical concerns or target certain systems in the body, such as the immune or nervous systems. Made of various organic herbs, herbal tonic can just about guarantee success in helping you heal or build any area that you desire. Determining the right herbal tonic for you depends solely on you- your lifestyle and goals.

With so many amazing benefits, the other plus of these amazing protein powders is the wonderful flavors available. There is such a wide variety of flavors to choose from, you are almost guaranteed to find the one for you.

First Things First

First, let’s start with the basics, what is herbal tonic? Herbal tonic is a beverage, typically sparking water, that is infused with a potent blend of herbal extracts. As previously stated, herbal tonics are used as a way to help build and support health, wellness, and vitality, while also helping to address specific medical targets as you see fit. It is infused with up to 2000mg of herbal extracts which is significantly higher than normal, making it a lot more beneficial than those non-infused beverages. The plants being infused into the superfood beverages provide solutions for everyday wellness.

All of these benefits can be alarming to some, and you might expect for it to be a lot of work to consume these nutrients for your body, but that is far from the truth. There are several craveable flavors that have specific healing properties to restore the health, wellness and vitality that your body naturally radiates. Let’s determine which of these super drinks will be best for you.

What is Right for Me?

Now that you are familiar with the foundation of herbal tonic, let’s dive deeper into what herbal tonic is best for you. Now, many people automatically assume that healthy equates to a rather disappointing taste or flavor. While we may be able to agree on a few examples of that, these herbal tonic beverages were designed to be flavorfully appealing to any and everyone. Determining which of them would be right for you specifically is the meat and potatoes of this topic. With such a variety, it is important to have a look at what your body is needing and wanting. Again, they are used as a way to help build and support health, wellness, and vitality, while also helping to address specific medical targets as you see fit. For example, if you were to be experiencing digestion related issues, a Digestion Lemon Tonic would be perfect for you. It is crafted with Dandelion, Lemon Balm and Chicory, which are all superfoods for soothing and supporting healthy digestion and debloating. It tastes like a bright and sparkling lemonade, feels like a restorative balm for your digestive system, and is best for healthy digestive balance and debloating. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?!

These delectable herbal tonics are also served in packs, based on your needs and desires. The De-Stress Tonic Pack is composed of herbal tonic beverages that were curated to help you de-stress, refresh and boost your mood. One of the beverages included in this pack is the Hibiscus Mint Unwind Tonic. This particular herbal tonic is crafted with hibiscus, mint, and ashwagandha which are known to refresh and relax. The second beverage included is the Lemon-Rose Uplift Tonic, crafted with lemon balm, rose, and hibiscus which is known to relax and lift your spirits.

Herbal tonics are not only for physical health and wellness, but also uplifting and boosting your mental and emotional health, as those areas are just as important for overall health and wellbeing. There are so many more options of individual and bundled herbal tonics that can help rejuvenate your overall wellness. Choosing the right herbal tonic for you is based on what you are feeling and what body is needing at that time. Many people love to use the variety pack, not only for all of the incredible flavors, but to allow themselves and their body to choose which is going to be the most beneficial for them at that moment. Having the option to address stress with the hibiscus, or an energy drain with the immunity berry. Not to mention, the taste makes it all better!

The other great benefit is the fact that there are also herbal tonic beverages that are designed to be a more healthy and enjoyable substitute for alcohol. Indulging in a herbal tonic that was curated to carve cravings of alcohol and provide your body with overall wellness is definitely a plus. These plant powered, vegan, stevia free, organic, nonGMO herbal tonic beverages without a doubt provide solutions for everyday wellness, for everyone.