Which Breads are Diabetic Friendly

Diabetes can often mean making significant changes in your life, and that often means abandoning or at least cutting back on some of the most delicious ingredients. Thanks to its high sugar content, many people with diabetes assume they can’t even eat bread. Fortunately, you can, just as long as you know what to look for. These are the qualities you should always consider when shopping for diabetic-friendly bread.

What is Diabetes? 

Before you decide to go shopping, it is important to understand diabetes in the first place. First, type 1 and those with this type require regular, daily insulin injections and need to eat a healthy diet; otherwise, they could face some issues. Type 2 can develop later in life from things like simply having a poor diet. Those that have type 2 diabetes are encouraged to eat healthy to reduce digesting too much sugar. If diet and exercise don’t do the trick, those with type 2 will have to take medication and daily insulin shots. 

Is Bread the Enemy? 

Bread is one of the most common carbohydrates that we include in our daily diets. Unfortunately, carbohydrates can come with many unnecessary added ingredients that could harm those that have diabetes. If you are looking for bread safe for diabetics, do not fret. Below is more information that you should be looking for when shopping for bread. 

Carbohydrates are a tricky hill to climb. No matter what bread you buy or the carbohydrate you consume, our bodies will always convert it into sugar or glucose. After the glucose hits the bloodstream, then the pancreas will turn it into insulin. This will act like a wave of information to the brain converting the carb into energy. 

People with diabetes Can Eat Bread

Not all bread will affect your body as negatively as others. Different types are safe for diabetics, but you have to know the details to determine what is safer to eat. For example, bread with a lower glycemic index or GI is safer because they enter the bloodstream slower. When you digest bread with a higher GI, it will enter your bloodstream faster and potentially raise your blood sugar. 

Darker Grains Are Safe 

It is safer for diabetics to assume that they should gravitate towards darker grains because it could stabilize their blood sugar instead of raising it. And while it is a common misconception that going for wheat bread is healthier, it isn’t always the case. We digest bread the same, and if it has a lot of unnecessary ingredients, it could eventually spell trouble for the person eating a slice. 

Sprouted Bread Is Good 

When in doubt, you should go with any sprouted bread due to the lack of typical unhealthy properties in traditional loaves.  Considering there isn’t any processed flour in sprouted bread, it is entirely safe for those people with diabetes to eat. So if they are unsure of what to buy, that will always be the safest choice. Instead of flour, sprouted grains are ground down into a healthy flour alternative that provides a lower GI.

Try Uprising Superfood Bread 

Uprising Food has created a bread that is safest for people with diabetes. The company swears by its recipe and prides itself on using only five ingredients in its product. Those ingredients are salt, water, baking powder, apple cider vinegar, and organic egg whites. The bread is completely free from highly processed ingredients that you would typically find at the grocery store. Instead of flour, this bread is baked with almond flour. Those that have had the Superfood Bread from Uprising have noted that it tastes like a nutty, sourdough alternative. 

Grocery shopping for diabetics can be a complex process. For the first time, those who are doing so should go in with a game plan that includes patience and understanding. Like any health issue, diabetes can take a toll. Luckily there are great products that make life easier.