Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine by Steve Meyerowitz, The Sproutman

I began reading Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine thinking I pretty much knew what the book was about.

Or at least how the book would flow and the premise of it all. I knew what to expect.

I anticipated reading a book about wheatgrass nutrition, somewhat dry, figured I’d learn more about wheatgrass juicing, get some nutritional facts, a few recipes, and some history on the subject.

I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

From the first page I was amazingly and pleasantly surprised with the spiritual aspect of this book. Yes, I said spiritual. I didn’t expect it at all but Steve Meyerowitz beautifully explains the rich and powerful history of grass.

I had no idea about any of this and am thrilled I was able to read this book.

The Spiritual History of Wheatgrass

Picture of Nature's Finest Medicine Book CoverDid you know that Jesus actually spoke extensively about the beauty and benefits, both health and spiritual, of grass? Did you know that grass has the power to detoxify the liver, purify the blood, and cleanse the vital colon? And did you know in China the doctors are paid to keep you well? They stop getting paid when you get sick because they didn’t do their job. This is truly an interesting and powerful concept that should be taken seriously in the Western world.

I love the all encompassing message of this book. It feeds the body, mind, and soul with empowering research, clear historical facts, and straightforward information about amazing, rejuvenating wheat grass.

What You’ll Discover in Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine

The book is 242 pages long loaded with information all about wheatgrass. Facts about grass you probably had no clue existed, I certainly didn’t.

The introduction of the book puts forth 7 basic questions on the mind of the reader from what is wheatgrass to why should I believe this information. Meyerowitz really seeks to directly answer any questions the reader has on their minds from the beginning.

The next part of the book explores the rich spiritual history of grass from the Dead Sea Scrolls to Jesus’ teachings. Next you’ll meet remarkable pioneers in this field of work. From the original wheatgrass promoter Charles F. Schnabel (to whom this book is dedicated) to Yoshihide Hagiwara who developed green barley leaf powder to make grass as accessible as instant coffee.

Meyerowitz teaches the reader in an inspiring style full of integrity about the amazing nutritional benefits of wheatgrass. He follows with 20 pages loaded with research studies on wheatgrass and health benefits.

Meet Real Life Terminal Illness Survivors Who Found Life with Wheatgrass

Cup of Fresh Wheatgrass JuiceLater in the book you’ll get to enjoy and be awed by real stories of healing from wheat grass.

From brain tumors to degenerative aging many people who had lost hope empowered their bodies to heal through the consumption of wheatgrass. There are many, real life stories here that drive home the importance of making wheat grass a part of your life.

These stories amaze and inspire. Discover how regular people like you and me facing tough illnesses and diseases became worse from traditional Western medical treatments like drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy. Listen as they tell you how they changed their lives and began to live again by the simple solution of grass!

Wheatgrass Resources at Your Fingertips

It doesn’t stop there in Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine, Meyerowitz gives you all you need to add wheatgrass nutrition to your life immediately. He provides retreat information, exact steps and troubleshooting for growing your own, the low down and what the best wheatgrass juicers are, and the best wheatgrass companies for you to use.

As I said in the beginning this book really surprised me in the most pleasant way. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I’ve truly become inspired to make wheatgrass a vital part of my life for body, mind, and soul.

I highly recommend this book for anyone —whether you’re interested in learning about this amazing health food or not Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine is a must read for all.

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