What You Need To Know About Arthritis & Dogs

One of the joys of owning a dog is knowing that you take good care of your canine friend. For generations, dogs have been one of the most rewarding animals to take in as pets. The old adage is true of all humankind that dogs really are best friends. Their loyalty, love, and companionship are hard to match when it comes to other kinds of animals. 


For anyone who owns a dog and knows how satisfying this companionship can be, it’s very important that they know how to take care of their four-footed friend. One of the challenges with caring for a dog is that they can become so loyal and have such a serving mindset, that they can often time hide problems. This is apparent in a dog that may have a tummy issue, but isn’t crying or whimpering but instead simply not drinking enough water. There are all kinds of little ways that dog owners train themselves on how to notice irregularities and inconsistencies in their dog’s behaviors. 


One condition that is common for dogs to develop and can be hard to spot at first is actually arthritis. Canine arthritis is very common for dogs to develop in their later years. While this condition can progress to the point of being obvious, it can be hard to spot early on. Some signs and symptoms that your dog might have early arthritis are that they chew or lick their paws an unusual amount. Maybe they are less likely to be as mobile or they may seem more sensitive in their paws than they have in the past. 


The good news is that if your dog does suffer from arthritis or you are suspicious that they might, there are a lot of ways you can help them. Canine arthritis is nothing new, and there are a lot of good medications, supplements, and even therapies out there that can really help your dog through this unfortunate part of getting older. One tool that has been shown to have incredible is CBD for pets. Dog CBD has been shown to have clinical success in multiple studies and is a great option for any dog that is suffering from arthritis. 


If you are curious about arthritis in dogs, and how dog CBD could help, here is everything you need to know. 

What Causes Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis is a condition where inflammation of the joints has caused irritation and pain. Arthritis can present itself at several different levels from minor pain to excruciating pain that can threaten to symbolize. There are several reasons why a dog would develop arthritis. The most common reasons are age-related as just normal wear and tear on the joints over time can cause this kind of inflammation and discomfort. 


Other common reasons include disorders, such as congenital disorders like hip dysplasia which is common in a lot of larger breed dogs. Injuries can also play a factor in a dog developing arthritis, and this can raise their chances of experiencing arthritis later in life.

How Does CBD Help?

CBD can be an effective tool when it comes to helping mitigate or manage the amount of pain and discomfort that your dog may experience from arthritis. This is largely due to the fact that CBD, which is derived from the plant hemp, is a cannabinoid and can interact with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS, for short.  

What is the ECS and Why Can it Help Your Dog’s Arthritis?

The ECS is one of the largest receptor systems in most mammalian bodies. Creatures such as humans have an extensive ECS that integrates into almost every part of the human body. These receptors are vitally important as they help to regulate pathways that impact stress and inflammation. The body itself is able to produce the necessary cannabinoids to interact with these receptors, however, these elements can also be found throughout nature. 

Why is the ECS so prevalent?

One of the reasons this system is so prevalent throughout the body is that it plays a crucial role in helping to maintain homeostasis. Without the ability to maintain homeostasis, life would not be sustainable. It is through that this system plays important roles in more than just mitigation of discomfort and inflammation. Research is still ongoing into how much the ECS really does for the body, but it is thought that it plays a substantial role and is considered vital. 


While the body does create its own cannabinoids to utilize the ECS and its benefits, these can also be taken in through your diet, such as CBD. 


Research has shown that dog CBD is a powerful way of supplementing your dog’s natural ability to deal with stress and inflammation. In the case of canine arthritis, dog CBD is a powerful tool to help naturally deal with your pup’s discomfort.