What To Know About Being a Holistic Nurse

Holistic nursing takes the field of medicine to the next level by maintaining the health of the whole person as its primary goal.  

Holistic nursing is not limited to the actions performed in a professional capacity but encompasses the attitudes, philosophy, and way of being that surround this profession. Holistic nurses integrate and cultivate a sense of self-responsibility, self-care, reflection, and even spirituality in their lives and this allows them to impart these healthy lifestyles to their patients. The results are an improved relationship with patients that comes from an integral awareness of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit as well as the role and position one has in their social circles and the global community.  

What Is a Holistic Nurse

A holistic nurse is a legally licensed nurse, fully trained in the knowledge, theories, intuition, and expertise in their field. Coupled with this is a deeper understanding of the totality of the human being as well as the scope and standards of the specialty of a Holistic Nurse. 

A Holistic Nurse nurtures the wholeness, peace, and healing of the patients that enter their care through a careful understanding of the emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical strengths and weaknesses of their patients as well as their values, health experience, and personal belief systems. This understanding can in turn be applied in their assessments, diagnosis, treatments, planning, and interventions they choose and can shed light on their evaluation of the results.   

Holistic nurses apply holistic healing and health practices in their own lives first and this allows them to also apply them in their clinical practices. This allows them to recognize and remove the barriers that keep the individual from good health and, quite literally, transform themselves into instruments of healing. As such, holistic nurses have an increased capacity for authenticity that imbues them with a caring presence that greatly facilitates growth, birth, recovery, and even end-of-life transitions with all who need their care.

The holistic nurse can be found in hospitals, clinics, universities, and all kinds of private practices. In their chosen place of employment, these special nurses can be counted on for integrative, complementary, and holistic focus in their practice. This comes from a fundamental understanding that if they fail to address their health, their capacity to address the health of others will also be compromised.  

In addition to their regular training, many holistic nurses will also specialize in one or more complementary or integrative healing modalities and have the qualifications to practice these modalities in whatever professional capacity they may find themselves in.  

Our Holistic Nurse Coaching Program  

It is not merely enough to understand the theory of holistic nursing.  Our program for training the holistic nurses of tomorrow rests on the following pillars of transformative coaching:  

  1. Service  

A holistic nurse has the responsibility of supporting patients who seek to improve their health and wellness. This will be accomplished through a variety of different techniques that will prepare a daily routine of wellness and health that will touch on every aspect of their lives. Some of the techniques applied here include goal-setting, problem-solving, and improved education. 

You will also act as a sounding board for your patients. They must feel trust and confidence where they can speak their minds and be clear about their thoughts and feelings. To accomplish your end goals of health and wellness, it is likely that you will also work in conjunction with other health officials to improve the health of your client.  

  1. Resilience  

To be a holistic nurse, you must retain a resilient dedication and trust in your skills and intuition. The current medical community tends to view patients as weak or sick. This is an incorrect notion that can lead your patients to feel hopeless. As a holistic nurse, you must help your patients understand their strengths more than their weaknesses, and use this perspective to bring about better health, strength, and resilience. Of course, this will only be possible if you have first cultivated this resilience of mind and body in your own life.  

  1. Holistic wellness  

As a holistic nurse, it will be your responsibility to approach good health and weak points from all sides. This is a foundational concept of improving health and well-being from a holistic perspective. By relaxing the mind and relieving stress, you can unlock the body’s capacity to regenerate.   

  1. Transformation  

A holistic nurse will find that transforming lives is their work day-in-day-out. The first and most important thing to do will be to identify the major obstacles to good health. You will also create a comprehensive plan of attainable goals and advise them on how to take the little steps needed to navigate the unpredictable path to better health. As we have mentioned before, this begins with a deeper understanding of your health and the transformation of your life to achieve the goals you are hoping for.

We, at The Nurse Coach Collective, provide a wide array of nursing and care services. We embrace the progress in both traditional and holistic nursing practices. To learn more, do not hesitate to get in touch!