What to do if You Run Out of Weed

You just woke up, making coffee, and you’re ready to start packing your bowl or rolling your morning joint. After all, what better combo is there than coffee and weed? Then, suddenly, everything stops as you realize you’ve already run out of weed. You’re dry. Empty. Out of stock. This has happened to plenty of cannabis users, and while it always feels bad to realize you’ve smoked the last of your bud, there’s almost always an easy and convenient way to replenish your supply. That said, there’s no need to fret if you run out of weed.

An easy way to start your next cannabis order is to perform a quick google search. Something like, “Dispensary near me open” should give you the results you’re looking for and point you toward any local dispensaries capable of fulfilling your cannabis and marijuana product needs. Thankfully, you’ll be able to get back to blazing in no time. 

Place an Online Order

When you realize you’ve smoked yourself dry, the first thing to do is take a deep breath. Then, whether you’re a regular recreational user or a medical patient, you’ll be able to restock in a few easy steps, especially in states that have already legalized the possession and use of marijuana on all levels. 


As such, when you find your local dispensary, you’ll be able to select which category of customer you are, medical or recreational. This is an important distinction to make for a variety of reasons. Firstly, medical patients don’t have to pay taxes on the cannabis products they purchase. Secondly, medical marijuana patients get a certain level of priority over adult recreational users. Finally, the menus between medical-grade cannabis and recreational use cannabis can vary significantly in selection and potency. There are also a variety of other laws and ordinances that apply or don’t apply depending on your category of cannabis-usership. 


For instance, a medical patient is allotted up to five individual growing plants they can harvest and use personally. Therefore, knowing which customer category you are in will significantly help your product selection and throughout the purchase process. 

No matter the customer category, using the online marketplace to select your products and place an order for a pick-up is as easy as possible. 

Shop the Selection

When it comes to cannabis and marijuana products, certain people are particularly picky about what they use, indulge in, or smoke. This is because cannabis reacts with different body chemistry in different ways. Therefore, everyone has a sort of ‘sweet spot’ when utilizing cannabis and various cannabis products. Knowing your personal preferences when it comes to cannabis can take some time and experimentation, but it makes the entire experience worthwhile. 

When it comes to beginners, there are a few easy tips to keep in mind when starting to explore the use of cannabis and marijuana. Understanding potency and dosage is a big part of tailoring an enjoyable experience. The correct dosage for any individual can depend on their tolerance, body composition, size, and other factors. 

Get it Delivered if you Can

If you can get your weed and cannabis products, you should contact them delivered to your doorstep. Most weed delivery services offer users a similar selection to what’s available on the menu at the dispensary. But, beyond matching the quality and volume of products available, delivery services are also priced competitively and eliminate the usually associated surcharge.

Cannabis delivery services are relatively new in the marketplace, and their regional serviceability is still somewhat restricted. Even in states with fully legalized marijuana, finding a cannabis-delivery service might prove difficult.