What is Biofeedback? Informative Article on Biofeedback Therapy and Software

What is Biofeedback Therapy? Check Out the Wild Divine Brainwave
Biofeedback Game

What is Biofeedback? Is there actually science behind it?

Yes! And biofeedback is one of the few alternative healing wellness tools that has been scientifically proven.
Research has shown that biofeedback therapy has a powerful and very positive effect on the physical and emotional
and well-being of those who work with this healing modality.

You learn how to alter your brain activity, regulate your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and other
functions through biofeedback training.

The Wild Divine Biofeedback Game

Biofeedback therapy is the latest in alternative healing techniques and involves the use of electronic equipment
for assessing your internal psychological and physiological mental state. The therapy is conducted with the
help of a biofeedback software game known as “Wild Divine Brainwave Biofeedback.”

The uniquely designed software game is quite effective and provides instant feedback on your mental and emotional-well
being. The therapist then analyzes the feedback to come up with solutions for you to overcome your psychological
and physiological shortcomings.

The biofeedback component of the game provides two critical measurements namely, Skin Conductance Level or
SCL and Heart Rate Variability or HRV. In the game, you are asked to complete the specified tasks and while
you are at it, the electronic sensors placed on your fingers measure your SCL and HRV. The measurements are
based on emotional ups and downs, which you experience while playing the game.

SCL is a measure of your sweat gland activity and is a good indication about the performance of your autonomic
nervous system activation. SCL provides a good measure of your body’s energy fluctuations, which can
occur due to positive emotions such as excitement and negative emotions such as nervousness or anxiety. As
compared to SCL, HRV is quite different because it measures even the smallest variability between two heartbeats.

Journey to Wild Divine

This component of the biofeedback software game enables you to make improvements in your heart rate variability,
which is responsible for your mental and physical well-being. You can rely on HRV because recent medical
tests provide credence to the theory that improved HRV boosts your immune system, thereby making you more
resistant to diseases. When you achieve the level of HRV as specified, you enter a realm of complete calmness,
which allows your brain to synchronize your heartbeats in a much better way.

If you have a hectic lifestyle, it is quite likely that your heartbeats are irregular. Stress is one of the
main factors that leads to erratic heartbeats and needs to be controlled before the situation gets completely
out of hand. With the help of Wild Divine gaming software, you will not only be able to reduce your existing
stress level, but will also be able to train your mind in a way that small day-to-day problems will not affect
you in the way that they might have been affecting you earlier.

doubt, stress can be reduced through general meditation techniques, but the problem is that you will not
be able to achieve the targets in time because performance measurement options are not available. It is only
when you have access to constant feedback that you will be able to assess your performance and take corrective
measures in time. It would really be a waste of time and effort if you just keep meditating, without actually
knowing whether you are making any progress or not.

The game ‘Wild Divine’ is quite different and effective because it creates the right amount of
interest that is required for playing a game over and over again, until the desired objectives are achieved.

For more information on biofeedback therapy or for buying your own Wild Divine software, you can access the
dedicated link.

Experience The
Wild Divine Spritual Journey

Deepak Chopra, M.D. shares that the Wild Divine Game “Helps people realize they have more power than they
ever realized.” And he goes on to share that through playing the game people learn they can influence what
is happening on many different levels, such as body, mind and emotions and how that translates into the world
they create on a daily basis.

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