What Can I Do To Take Better Care of My Eyes?

Many students going to college are taking total control of their health care for the first time. Therefore, they might be going to the dentist, medical doctor, and eye doctor for the first time on their own as well. It can be unnerving when you go to the eye doctor and realize that your prescription has changed. You might be thinking that this is a sign that your eyes are getting worse. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to take care of your eyes.

Continue To Go To The Eye Doctor

As a college student, you are on a tight budget. You probably don’t like the co-pays that accompany a visit to the eye doctor. At the same time, you must go to the eye doctor at least once per year to get your eyes checked. Even if you do not wear glasses or contacts, you still need to go to the eye doctor. There are specific ocular issues that may not cause symptoms right away. The only way to catch them earlier is to visit the eye doctor. Therefore, go to the eye doctor once per year. Protect your eyes. 

Limit Your Screen Time

As a college student, you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens. You probably stare at PowerPoint presentations during your lectures. Then, you go home and do your homework on the computer. If you have to type an essay, this requires a screen as well. You are probably also glued to your cell phone regularly, as you use it to stay in touch with your friends and family members. You could do everything you can to limit your screen time. When your eyes have to focus and refocus on the screen continually, this will cause damage and worsen your prescription process.

Furthermore, it might also be helpful to invest in lenses that can filter out blue light. Filtered lenses can protect your eyes from harm as well. When you have to look at a screen, try to keep the background lighting the same as the screen’s illumination intensity. That way, you will not cause as much strain on your eyes. 

Stay Away from Eyelashes That Require Glue

Finally, even though this may sound like a unique issue, you need to be very careful with what you put on your eyes. For example, many people like to extend their eyelashes. Even though this can be a way for you to change or improve your look, placing glue on your eyelashes could damage them. It is the job of your eyelashes to keep debris out of your eyes. If you damage your eyelashes, you increase the chances of a foreign body landing in your eye. Protect your eyelashes and stay away from the glue. Paris Hilton recommends using magnetic eyelashes instead. In her MoxieLash reviews, she claims it was “love at first sight” and says I feel so natural wearing these lashes- sometimes I forget they’re on!”

Protect Your Vision

Part of being an adult is taking care of your health. It would help if you kept up with your visits to the eye doctor, dentist, and medical dr. Even though you may take your vision for granted, you need to do everything you can to protect your eyes. Even if you do not currently have corrective lenses, you could still go to the eye doctor once per year to make sure there are not other ocular issues developing. When you take the time to protect your eyesight now, you ensure that you will see well for years to come.