What Are the Various Forms of CBD Products Available?

As the popularity of CBD soars globally, manufacturers respond with the most dynamic catalogue of high-quality CBD products to date. CBD is one of more than 120 cannabinoids found in cannabis genus plants, which continue to be a subject of intensive scientific study worldwide. Sativa L, also known as Industrial Hemp is a particularly valued source of CBD cannabinoids, with only trace levels of THC in comparison to other plants in the Cannabis family, which can be removed in CBD product manufacturing.

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties whatsoever. Instead, CBD products are considered for purely therapeutic purposes.

Catering to all tastes and preferences, the market for CBD products includes a dynamic range of ingestibles, topicals and much more besides. Nevertheless, the most popular forms of CBD products available right now include the following:

1. Tinctures

CBD tinctures are infused liquids, which are designed to be taken by way of a couple of drops under the tongue prior to the residue being ingested. Tinctures are most effective when the CBD in the liquid is absorbed through the large number of blood vessels under the tongue so that it’s quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The popularity of CBD tinctures exceeds that of all other CBD products in a variety of major markets worldwide.

2. Capsules

Perhaps the simplest and most convenient way to consume a measured dose of CBD daily, CBD capsules are simply swallowed with water. Potency varies significantly from one product to the next – quality also varying between CBD product manufacturers. Capsules are also great for taking on the go.

3. CBD Isolate Powder

99% Pure CBD Isolate powder is manufactured using the whole Sativa L hemp plant. Following CO2 extraction, the CBD oil is filtered to remove all the plant material present in the oil and winterised to remove any remaining waxes and minute plant particles so that all that is left is a crystalline powder of unrivalled purity. CBD Isolate powder dissolves in oil or water so it can be used as the active ingredient for various CBD products. Use CBD powder to make tinctures, topicals or edibles.

4.  General Concentrates

Liquid CBD concentrates typically take a similar form to CBD tinctures – also to be dropped directly under the tongue. The difference being that the potency of a CBD concentrate can be up to 10X that of a more conventional product. Very easy to use and great where higher doses of CBD are required by the user.

5. CBD Topicals

Topicals containing high-quality CBD are taking the world by storm. The sheer diversity of the market is extraordinary, ranging from lip balms to lotions to creams to waxes and so on, all of which are designed to be applied directly to the skin, rather than being ingested. However, not all CBD topicals are of equal quality. Products with less easily absorbed carrier oils or low concentrations of CBD may not carry the CBD itself through to the deeper dermal layers of the skin – hence, the importance of both quality and potency.

6. CBD Gummy Bears

The popularity of CBD Gummy Bears isn’t difficult to understand. As the name suggests, CBD Gummy Bears take the classic fruity-jelly favourite and add a dose of premium-quality CBD into the mix. After which, taking in a daily dose of CBD becomes more of a treat than a chore. CBD Gummy Bears come in a variety of flavours and CBD potency levels.

7. CBD Sprays

CBD sprays are simply sprayed under the tongue for maximum speed of effect – usually two or three times a day. Some CBD sprays have added flavourings, while others contain only natural organic materials. Again, potency can vary significantly from one product of the next.

8. Vapes

Last but not least, the consumption of CBD through vaporisation has grown in popularity as of late. CBD carried on vapour is easily absorbed through the mucous membranes of the lungs for fast uptake. Quality CBD oil contains a spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and vitamins, which can be used to enrich a flavoured vape juice or vaped neat. – cbdukoils.com