What are the Top 12 Rehabs in the World?

Anybody who wants to succeed in breaking free from an addiction has to do some research to find a top treatment center aligned to their budget. But for some, price is the least of their concern: issues related to privacy and treatment protocol are far more important. Some multi-national institutions have leveraged protocols that were never allowed in the US, boasting high success rates – which helped them top the list. These days, to be a top, exclusive luxury rehab, it is certainly assumed that there will be experienced staff, high success rates backed by social proof, comfort and support.

Below is a list of the top 12 rehabilitation centers in the world:

1.The Sanctuary Tulum: US, Mexico & Global

Founded by Johnny Tabaie, The Sanctuary Tulum is so much more than just a rehab. Unlike other rehabs who tout celebrity names, it is well-known that Johnny Tabaie, with his the revolutionary Pouyan method, helped cure billionaires and important people from around the world, in an exclusive, discreet fashion that never dragged their names into the media. They are also credited with curing several addicts who had botched experiences at other facilities. The cutting-edge plant-based healing methods their Doctors and practitioners relied on for years, have only recently become legal in some US states, leaving them with a 10-year lead over what luxury healing centers in the US are starting to experiment with today. Tabaie has different options depending the level of exclusivity a patient requires. For example 1:1 treatment in Beverly Hills cost approximately $500K per month. They do have more affordable options too in Tulum starting at around $80 000. The reviews and testimonials of Johnny Tabaie, are perhaps the biggest indicators in their favor. A long trail of social proof from people who themselves chose to come forward is hard to refute. This indicates that he is running the world’s leading addiction recovery programs for those who can afford exclusive treatment.

A few game changers they introduced includes stem cell therapy, HBOT, DNA repair, telomere repair, deprivation therapy – and, sacred plants in which Tabaie and his team are considered world leaders by many.

Visit their site here: www.sanctuarytulum.com

2. The Kusnacht Luxury Rehab

A Zurich, Switzerland facility with penthouses by the mountains and castle, with lakeside villas and views of the Alps all centered around the magnificent Lake Zurich, you would believe that you have just visited a holiday resort. It’s the world’s second most expensive rehabilitation center in the world. Many celebrity names like George Michael and big newspapers are mentioned in relation to this luxury rehab. However, their treatment protocols are not widely discussed. It is rumored to cost around $120K per week to stay at the Kusnacht. It is convenient for those who want to be in or near Europe during treatment.

One thing is sure: the Kusnacht does offer a luxury facility and knows a thing or two about luxury marketing in the way it is always pegged to royals and celebrity names.

3. Passages Malibu, US

Passages Malibu is a 5-star facility on a 10-acre property by the Pacific Ocean. It is said that Natasha Lyonne, Mel Gibson, and David Hasselhoff have been treated there, paying almost $65,000 for a 30-day stay. So, what makes it special enough for the rich and famous? It stands out from other rehabilitation clinics because it runs a unique treatment program. At Passages Malibu they do not believe that addiction is a disease but rather a symptom of underlying emotional and mental issues. Therefore, they stay away from the regular 12-step approach and use a holistic treatment approach.

They offer alternative treatments that are borrowed from 21 different therapy methods and then personalized for each client. This may include adventure therapy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and even physical ropes courses.

The treatment team consists of spiritual counselors, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, trainers, family therapists, psychologists and nurses. Together they ensure the clients get holistic treatment and complete satisfaction from day 1 till the day they leave clean.

Patients can also enjoy a number of leisure facilities such as tennis courts, a gym, two swimming pools and basketball courts. Dining is a pleasure with gourmet meals freshly prepared by the inhouse chef.

4. The Priory Group, UK

The Priory Group in the UK is the most famous addiction treatment organization in the United Kingdom with dozens of centers all over the country. They treat substance abuse problems as well as behavioral addictions such as love and sex, internet, gambling, and shopping addictions. Their belief is that addictions are treatable once a person seeks help.

All treatment is unique to the individual’s needs. Each client is placed at the heart of their addiction treatment process so that they benefit from the prescribed treatment package. As a result, the clients are assured of the highest quality of care and they come out clean in mind and body at the end of the treatment.

The treatment team includes psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, nurses and other highly qualified addiction and mental health professionals. Clients go through a 28-day residential program which may include 7-10 days of detoxification, the 12-step model, one-to-one therapy, group therapy, and family and couples therapy. An outpatient program is also available. After leaving the facility the client will benefit from a free 12-month aftercare program and a free 12-month family support program.

5. Ocean Breeze Recovery, Florida, USA

Ocean Breeze Recovery is one of the top luxury addiction rehabilitation clinics in the world. It is located in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, a few yards from the ocean. They run a variety of programs including intensive inpatient and outpatient programs, gender-specific care and yoga therapy. They treat a few clients per year to ensure each client gets their undivided attention. They provide individualized treatment that heals the person as a whole, knowing that addiction is a symptom of an underlying emotional and mental problem.

Clients with serious addiction problems become inpatients. Treatment commences with professionally assessment followed by a 28-day treatment program that is unique to the client’s needs. This is followed by detoxification, 3 days of individual sessions, 2 days of group treatment, relapse prevention classes, addiction education and family therapy. Every day ends with the 12-step program meeting.

There is an intensive outpatient program for clients with mild substance abuse problems that provides treatment in body, mind and emotions to restore balance.

Clients who successfully complete the inpatient treatment program move onto an intensive outpatient treatment program that helps them to gradually move back to their normal routine. They also join an alumni program that provides extra support and encouragement during times of temptation.

6. Crossroads Center, Antigua

Crossroads Center is a resort-style facility located near the beach on the St. John’s island in Antigua in the West Indies where it enjoys year-round sunny weather, white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue water. Clients can choose between private rooms with queen-sized beds and shared rooms with two twin beds all with private bathrooms.

There is specific treatment for alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, opioid addictions and dual diagnosis disorders. Treatment begins with a medically managed 7-10 days detoxification program from which a personalized treatment plan is designed. Treatment may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the 12-step program, yoga, fitness training, mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention, holistic pain management, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, AA, acupuncture, NA, AI Anon, individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. It can last between 30 and 90 days depending on the client’s needs.

Each client’s diet is prescribed by a nutritionist. Three buffet-style meals are offered daily in the dining room. Other facilities include an on-site gym, outdoor dining, a swimming pool, lounge space and a common room with a television. During leisure clients can go for off-site social excursions and volunteer work.

On discharge, clients may enter a halfway house for additional support. They also receive a recovery plan for the “real world” and they can join the alumni with chapters in the UK, USA, the Caribbean and Canada.

7. The Sanctuary Byron Bay, Australia

The Sanctuary in Byron Bay, Australia, is one of the most luxurious and most popular rehab centers in the world, catering for people with huge bank accounts. The beautiful and laid-back community of Byron Bay provides a tranquil environment. Clients live in individual residences which are either on the beachfront or have beautiful views of the sub-tropical rainforest and provide the ultimate privacy.

The Sanctuary provides individualized holistic treatment for addictions, eating disorders and mental health issues on a one-to-one basis. Each client’s stay, daily routine and total experience is unique to that client. Daily life involves a number of therapies such as acupuncture, and psychotherapy. The 12-step program is not necessarily included. Alumni describe the center as “supportive” and the approach one of “love.” The length of the stay also differs from person to person and may be up to 3 months.

There is also time for personal training, sports, leisure activities and classes. Clients can bring their pets companionship. They also get a private chef and a 24-hour carer. Meals are freshly prepared using organic produce based on individual tastes and dietary needs. After treatment clients can move to the Sanctuary Recovery House, a halfway house to smooth the transition to normal life.

8. The Betty Ford Center, Rancho Mirage, California, USA

The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage is considered the flagship addiction center within the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. It provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

Treatment begins with a medical and psychological evaluation from which a holistic treatment plan is designed. Treatment may include a detox program, individual and group therapy for substance abuse and dual diagnosis, trauma and grief therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, 12-step program, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Motivational interviewing, educational lectures, wellness/fitness activities, family therapy, relapse prevention, and sober living skills. How long a person stays depends on individual needs. After treatment clients receive an aftercare plan that includes connection to recovery coaches, AA, NA and support groups.

Treatment is run by a team of clinicians and support staff. Two people share a room with full bathroom, two wardrobes, two desks and chairs. The facility also offers outdoor recreational opportunities such as a gym, walking and meditation trails, a pool with water polo, volleyball courts, swimming pool, and spa. Other activities include yoga, tai chi, spiritual care and animal-assisted programs.

9. Promis Rehabilitation Clinic, UK

Promis Rehabilitation is located in a country setting and consists of 3 acres of land and a converted farmhouse surrounded by a forest. It is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, close to London’s major attractions, business hub and museums. Treatment is flexible to allow patients to access treatment as outpatients while maintaining their busy schedules and responsibilities.

Promis Rehabilitation offers treatments for drug, prescription medication, internet and gambling addictions, alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, and stress. Treatment is based on holistic care philosophy, addressing body, mind and spirit. It begins with comprehensive medical and mental evaluation followed by supervised detoxification, then other therapies, secondary care, counseling, interventions and aftercare.

The team consists of highly trained medical and clinical psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, nurses and 24-hour care staff.

The facility has six modern and comfortable bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Patients choose between deluxe rooms and large suites. Other amenities include modern equipped therapy rooms, fine food prepared by gourmet chefs, private gym close by, housekeeping, and laundry. Clients can enjoy accompanied local excursions, day trips and other activities.

10. Serenity House, Spain

Serenity House is the most established English-speaking addiction facility built on a 6,000 ft2 estate in Puerto Serrano south of Spain. It is a Spanish villa-style estate with seven bedrooms. They take only five clients at a time.

They treat alcoholism, addiction and dual diagnosis with 4-week, 6-week, and 12-week treatment plans. Treatment is based on the 12-step program provided in individual and group sessions. Treatment includes addiction and spiritual training, Reiki therapy to remove energy blockages, remedial sports, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, reflexology and offsite AA meetings.

There are six staff members including a certified 12-step therapist, an addiction treatment doctor, a psychologist and a counselor.

The large private bedrooms are furnished with queen-sized beds with wooden headboards, multiple plush pillows, vintage lamps and photo frames. Leisure facilities include a living room with television, a giant swimming pool, horseback riding at a local equestrian center, meditation and yoga classes, and day trips to explore Seville and Marbella. Diet plays a huge part of treatment. The chef specializes in Italian and French cuisine but also cooks Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern and Meditarranean.

11. The Meadows, USA

The Meadows is located in the serene Sonoran Desert in Wickenburg, Arizona in the USA. It provides top program for treating sex, drug, and alcohol addictions, trauma, panic and anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, codependency, bipolar disorder, depression, and eating disorder.  some of America’s top treatment courses for trauma and addiction.

Their holistic approach focuses on the whole person. They create personalized treatment plans for each client after a thorough assessment and evaluation. Treatment methods include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, art therapy, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral Therapy, Dialectical therapy, EMDR, Experiential therapy, expressive arts, family/marital therapy, family systems, intervention, mindfulness-based, motivational interviewing, neurofeedback, positive psychology, and many others when they are found necessary.

The Meadows provides an innovative 45-day treatment that is exclusive to young adults aged between 18 and 26 years at their Claudia Black Young Adult Center. Its for young adults with addition, unresolved emotional trauma, dual diagnosis or failed addiction treatments.

This facility is also a TRICARE Preferred Provider of treatment to active military members, veterans and their dependents in the TRICARE West Region.

12. Sober Living by the Sea, California, USA

This is more of a budget option. Sober Living by the Sea which is located by the beach in Newport Beach, California treats drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders. It runs a number of facilities including The Victorian which treats eating disorders, The Rose for women only and the Landing for men only. The Landing can look after 10 men at a time while The Rose and the Victorian can look after a maximum of 6 people each. It has been an industry leader for at least 23 years.

The treatment program is primarily the 12-step. Clients also attend gender specific AA, NA, OA, and ABA meetings. There are other treatments such as nutrition, co-dependency, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, art therapy and hypnotherapy.

There is no doctor in residence but clients can be taken to a doctor if it becomes necessary. In-house staff take care of the prescribed treatments. They are fairly permissive, open and honest and let the clients learn that their recovery is entirely their own responsibility.

Food is prepared by a gourmet chef and it is customized to accommodate vegetarians, people who are gluten-free, organic-only eaters, etc. Alumni claim that it is delicious, healthy and well presented.

Leisure activities include walking on the beach, meditation, massage therapy, yoga, Pilates, gym, t’ai chi, acupuncture, surfing and weekend outings for lunch, movies, sight-seeing and shopping.