What are the Best Yoga Poses for Varicose Veins?

Certain veins aren’t simply unsightly, they can also cause health problems due to how they adversely affect the heart’s blood supply. These swollen, characteristically spider-looking veins are nearly always found on the legs, but those affected by them have many treatment options. One natural way to diminish the look and effects of this condition is to do yoga.

How the Veins Develop

Varicose veins largely occur in women, particularly those who are obese, genetically prone to the condition, pregnant, or who often wear high heeled shoes. When blood pools inside the veins, it leads to swelling, and blood isn’t able to effectively circulate back to the heart. Being in this swollen state for a prolonged period of time is what ultimately causes the development of problematic veins. In addition to looking like a blue-tinged bruise on the skin, this type of vein may cause pain and abnormal blood clots. If these clots go from the blood vessels in the legs to the brain, the result can be a stroke.

Why Yoga Helps

Yoga is one of the more healthful and natural ways to decrease the symptoms associated with these veins, including swelling and pain. Poses that put your body in a position to elevate the legs are most effective at combating the condition, as the blood and fluids that pool in the lymph nodes can more easily drain away. Here are four of the best yoga poses to try.

1. Standing Forward Bend

Also referred to as “uttanasana”, this yoga pose is easy for beginners and helps blood circulate around the entire body. As a bonus, the standing forward bend will also give your upper and lower legs a thorough stretch, easing the pain and swelling of problematic veins.

2. Mountain Pose

This yoga pose, also known as “tadasana”, not only helps stretch and tone the legs but is great for body alignment. As you focus on staying in the pose, you’ll feel pressure in your legs decreasing, and it’s also a great move to try if you want to improve your balance.

3. Viparita Karani

This easy to do pose is a must-try for those with leg fatigue. It’s also called the legs up the wall pose because that’s exactly what you do: lay down with your legs up against a wall while the rest of your body lies flat on the floor. Viparita karani reduces leg pressure and improves blood circulation, greatly helping with this vein condition.

4. Sarvangasana

Once you’re ready to do more advanced yoga poses, this one will tone your body and relieve your vein condition. It’s essentially a supported shoulder stand, and as you master this move your blood circulation and lymph drainage will become much more effective.


It’s always best to ease into any type of exercise, including yoga, especially when you have problematic veins. Start off by doing 20 minutes of yoga three times a week, and then work your way up to longer and more frequent yoga sessions. By consistently practicing the poses above, you can significantly improve and safely treat your vein condition.