Whole House Water Purification Unit and Countertop and Shower Filters

Looking for a Full House Water Filtration System?

What is cryptosporidiosis?

If you haven’t heard of this long, weird word, you may. It is a disease caused by parasites that can be in

NSF-International (NSF) does independent testing of filters to determine if they remove Cryptosporidium.

To find out if a particular filter is certified to remove Cryptosporidium, you can look for the NSF trademark
plus the words “cyst reduction” or “cyst removal” on the product label information. You
want to make sure that the filters in your home water system kill the parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis.

The Rhino Full House Water Filtration System

Rhino Whole House Water Filtration is a high capacity filtration system designed to be maintenance free for
3 full years. At that time you just replace the main filter. With a patented multistage process water is
directed through 4 stages. This ensures the effective elimination of chlorine, microscopic sediments, bad
taste, and odor from municipally treated tap water as it enters your home. You can drink, shower, bathe,
and live in clean healthy water!

Learn more about the affordable Rhino Whole HOuse Walter Filtration System and how you can protect your family
from the effects of contaminated water.

Larn about the Aquasana EQ-300 Rhino Whole House Water Filter.

Aquanasa AQ 4000 Counter Top Filtration System

Aquasana’s twin cartridge, with a multi-stage filtration ensures your water is free of specific contaminants
while allowing the natural minerals to remain. This filtration system creates the healthiest, and best tasting
water possible.

One cartridge filters out sediment, and tiny microscopic particles that can cause water to appear cloudy,
and taste and smell unpleasant. This water filter cartridge also eliminates chlorine, and assists the next
stage of filtration in removing difficult contaminants like lead and volatile organic chemicals known as
VOCs. In this stage the lead is filtered out by a complex ion exchange process. The lead ions are then replaced
with potassium ions. This enhances the mineral balance of the water. Potassium is one of the minerals that
gives water a natural spring water taste and a neutral PH.

Next the removal of VOCs, like herbicides, pesticides, and industrial solvents is addressed. Also, chlorine
resistant microscopic organisms like cryptosporidium and giardia, which are the two most common water borne
parasites are removed. This is very important because cryptosporidium and giardia can be fatal to small children
and the elderly. They also cause flu like symptoms for most people.

Also the AQ 4000 counter-top filtration system is really affordable, and so are the cartridge sets. You can
purchase as factory direct prices. It use to be expensive to benefit from enhanced water technologies for
use where ever you have access to suitable municipal water sources.

When you drink pure quality water each day (at least 8 glasses) along with high quality nutritional products
you give your body so much reinforcement to help your immune system stay strong.

Easy 3-Minute Installation – No Plumbing Required

The AQ 4000 water cleaner system can be easily installed without any plumbing assistance in under 3 minutes
with a quick-fit connector that is supplied. Or if you prefer you can convert to an under-sink model at any
time by purchasing the conversion kit.

Learn more about the Aquasana AQ-4050 Under Counter Install Kit For AQ-4000.

Importance of Using a Shower Filter – Five Dangers of the Morning Shower

1.) Chlorine: Added to most municipal water supplies, this disinfectant hardens arteries, destroys proteins
in the body, irritates skin and sinus conditions, and aggravates asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems.

2.) Chloroform: This powerful by-product of the chlorination causes excessive free-radical formation (accelerated
aging!), normal cells to mutate, and cholesterol to oxidize. It’s a know carcinogen!

3.) DCA (Dichloro acedic acid): This chlorine by-product alters cholesterol metabolism and has been shown
to cause liver cancer in lab animals.

4.) MX (another chlorinated acid): Another by-product of chlorination, MX is known to cause genetic mutations
that can lead to cancer growth and has been found in all chlorinated water for which it was tested.

5.) Possible cause of bladder and rectal cancer: Research has indicated that drinking chlorinated water may
increase the risks for bladder and rectal cancers in the US.

“Your body is likely to absorb 600-1000% more chlorine in a quick 15-minute bath than
by drinking eight 8 oz . glasses of water in a day”

Research teaches us that more chemicals enter our body through skin absorption and inhalation of steam while
showering than from drinking water, therefore this makes the benefits of shower filtration so very important
for our health.

The American Journal of Pub lich Health linked Chlorine to significant increases in certain types of cancer
and stated that up to 2/3 of the harmful exposure was due to skin absorption and inhalation while showering.

When in a warm shower our skin pores open and allow a higher rate of chlorine absorption along with other
chemicals. We then inhale the steam which can be up to twenty times more toxic. When chemicals are inhaled
into our lungs they enter directly into our bloodstream and can have a magnified effect since they are not
ingested and partially filtered out by the liver and kidneys.

This is why the Aquasauna Shower Filter is so beneficial with its two stage process. Stage one reduces chlorine
and enhances pH balance, and in the second stage a high grade of coconut shell carbon is used to reduce synthetic
chemicals that you can inhale as they vaporize with the steam from the hot shower. This unique shower filtration
system also comes with an adjustable pressure enhancing shower head and a replaceable filter cartridge.

The Aquasana Shower Filtration System is one of the most unique and beneficial products
ever developed.” Dr. Ranya Alexander PhD., M.D.
You can also purchase this filter with a hand held shower wand.

Learn about the Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter .