Weed and alcohol, two evils?

There are always followers of alcohol or followers of weed. It’s a bit the same battle as Apple fans and Android users. Although people who don’t like weed claim that it’s super bad and addictive, research shows that alcohol is more addictive. Which is true, the scientists have not quite figured that out yet. That’s because research has been done on alcohol for years, but less on weed.

What are the effects?

If you are interested in weed, then you have to be sure you have the right stuff. Hash or weed, there’s not much difference. Both come from the female cannabis plant, but weed is the dried flower and hashish is the compressed resin of that flower. Both have an effect on people’s moods. It can provide fun and relaxation, but it can also cause anxiety and panic attacks, if anyone is already sensitive to this. The risk of panic is greater when smoking weed than when smoking hashish. Anyway, psychological complaints can worsen under the influence, whether it’s weed or alcohol. That’s why always pay attention!

Growing your own weed

Weed or alcohol, excessive consumption is never good and can eventually cause one misery after another. But fortunately it’s not harmful from time to time and you can just enjoy it, in moderation! As you grow your own weed, your use is even more in your own hands. Growing your own marijuana plants is strongly bound to legislation, so pay close attention. Officially you are not allowed to grow cannabis plants yourself, but up to 5 plants will be tolerated. Do you prefer to buy weed through the coffeeshop or have you ever thought about growing cannabis yourself? Take a look online at Royal Queen Seeds, where you can find more information about different types of cannabis seeds.

Order cannabis seeds online

Are you interested in growing cannabis plants? Cannabis seeds can easily be ordered online, but how do you know if you have the right seeds? You can always determine the reliability of a site from reviews, for example. How many reviews does a company have and what are its drawbacks and strengths? For example, Royal Queen Seeds is a smartshop that has been rated ‘excellent’ by 25612 reviews!

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